Cristiano Ronaldo’s inconsolable cry after Bono left him without his first major title in Arabia | Relief

This may be one of the images of the year: Cristiano Ronaldo lying on the ground, drenched in tears, with no one to comfort him. The Portuguese collapsed after Bono’s penalty left him without his first major title in Arabia, the Cup. The former Sevilla goalkeeper angered the star and gave the trophy to the team of Neymar and Jorge Jesus.

The expected final did not disappoint, and from the first half one could see the intensity of the match and the rivalry between the two teams. He Mitrovic’s goal in the 7th minute gave Al-Hilal the leadwho went into the break with a lead and six yellow cards for both teams.

the second half started with the Chilean Cristiano Ronaldo, who recalled the one who signed for Real Madrid against Juventus in the Champions League. This time he hit the post. The Portuguese then took another chance, thwarted by Bono, who ended up becoming the hero.

On another goal, Ospina became the villain and left Al-Nasr with one less goal after a handball outside the penalty area. NOnly in the 88th minute did Cristiano’s team equalize with a goal from Yahya.after Al-Hilal had two fewer due to the expulsion of Boulaiha and Coulibaly.

Penalties followed after extra time. The first turn ended in the failure of specialists from both teams: Ruben Neves and Telles. Cristiano scored the second penalty and no one missed until the sixth.

In the sixth maximum penalty, Al-Hilal’s Abdul-Hamid missed and Al-Nasr was one penalty away from the championship, but then Bono made two stops in a row, making the team champions.

After the last failure, Cristiano, who was nervous during the penalty shootout, fell to the ground in tears. and mourning defeat.

Al-Nasr of the Portuguese He’ll have to wait until next season to try to win his first major title. Defeat in this final and second place in the league leaves the Arabian team at zero for the season, despite Cristiano breaking the record for most goals in a season in Arabia.

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