Cristina Pedroce was in love with the Real Madrid legend

Collection shaking He usually leaves a few intimate confessions from the program staff. After confession Ares Teixido about his youthful platonic love, the rest zapeanders They were forced to imitate the faces of celebrities they pined for as teenagers, and carried folders with their pictures.

The first one to talk about her love was Isabel Forner. The sports journalist admitted that she was an unconditional fan hooligans And? His favorite was “blonde”.although he admitted that he did not remember his name. “If you don’t know his name, it’s because he wasn’t you. crush»– Cristina Pedroche blurted out.

In its turn, Miki Nadal said that his platonic love was Victoria KentBye Valeria Ros admitted that he filled his folders with photographs of the former national team player Athletic Club, Julen Guerrero. Cristina Pedroce He also focused his attention on the world of football. In your case your crush was Peja Mijatovicformer player real Madrid and the hero of the seventh European Cup.

“I had a shirt and I liked how smooth it was. I like it”– admitted a fan of Rayo Vallecano. “The guy who beat the game so brilliantly, where did he buy the gel?”– Dani Mateo asked himself. Leading shaking He also talked about his platonic love as a teenager. “I had a hard time with Sabrina, but I was in love with Beatrice Rico when I was filming Hugo.”stated.

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