Cristina Pedroche admits her teenage platonic love was a Madrid footballer

Day of sentimental confessions yesterday in the program shaking (La Sexta), where employees began to reveal Who were his platonic lovers? (what contemporaries now call crush) in adolescence.

And among everyone was especially surprised Cristina Pedrocewho always boasts that she is an ardent fan of her hometown team, Rayo Vallecano, but who I was in love with a football player from another team, specifically from Real Madrid..

Although he was initially reluctant to say his name due to the difficulty of pronunciation, he soon He revealed that his platonic love was none other than Peja Mijatovic. “When you have crush -You know his name.– the host of the space, Dani Mateo, jokingly told him.

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  • The Chimes host admitted that she would take the job if she were allowed to wear any dress she wanted and run San Sylvester.

“I had his shirt and I liked how smooth it was.”– Vallecana noted, which was the reason for another joke from Mateo: “Very attractive. The guy who finished the game just as brilliantly… Where did you buy the gel?

More football players

He crush Cristina Pedroce was not the only football player who came to light in the cheerful conversation of the hosts of the La Sexta program. In fact, co-author Ares Teixido has already declared his love for former player and now coach Luis Enrique..

Comedian Valeria RosFor his part, being a native of the Biscay city of Getxo, he, guided by the criteria of proximity, pointed to another icon of that time: Julen Guerrerowho played for Athletic and was a phenomenon among fans during his football career.

Although Isabelle Forner noted that she never had “super pressure“, Miki Nadal was surprised to reveal her: lawyer and Republican politician Victoria Kent. “Sabrina (Salerno) hit me really hard,” the host, who also took aim at Samantha Fox, also said.

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