(Criticism) The Fall Guy in an Action Movie

Two to April high-speed trainDavid Leitch in search of adventure in the action domain with Fallen Mancinematic adaptation of the series L’Homme qui tombe à pic, ported by Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hannah Waddingham, Winston Duke, Teresa Palmer or Stephanie Hsu as an encore. On the menu, “Les mésaventures d’un Cascadeur Appealé à la Rescousse pour sauver le Tournage d’une super-production…”

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Stuntman descending from dizziness when you didn’t descend on a television program? Si l’on vous dit Lee Majors? Colt Seavers? Plus dota, you know that’s the part L’Homme qui tombe à picAn eighties cult series that witnessed the great days of ABC from 1981 to 1986, but is best known to our Hercyenian families in France, Glen A. Larson’s creation is a multi-pervasive one.

Un show typique de son époque, qui se voit remis au goût du jour par un cascadeur en personne, David Leitch, qui a réussi à creuser son sillon dans le milieu du septieme art, faisant ses Arms derriere la camera sur le premier John Wick Brother-son cats Chad Stahelski were ready to be themselves as implementers. After all, that’s the most important thing in other franchises. Dead Pool and etc. Fast and furious – with a spin-off Hobbs and Shaw – et plus recemment donc high-speed train. This is what gives him the opportunity to confirm his style, or a few successful moves in an atmospheric delay, a la cool. Une patte désormais reconaissable, que l’on Retrouve en Substance dans Autumn guywhat would be a good knowledge of the basics of a television property to infuse a blockbuster with bright meth, meth and light in a craft that has a penchant for comedic woozy in an action movie without hesitating pa-a-play A card of the second degree indicates that cynicism in the industry is favored profitability and creativity.

As a result, the adaptation may lead you to pass by some battles on the route (which long fonts will be tense for ten hours for two minutes), the Mechanic, who is in a guilant state, at which point screenwriter Drew Pearce breaks the account of the which makes fun of the film’s engine. Moreover, the misfortunes of Colt Seavers, an old stuntman returning from duty as a result of an unfortunate accident at a tournament, are brilliant saboteurs and their own grace, and this is not voluntary, and not predre la tete in terms of intrigue and directing of the actors. Que ce soit devant or derriere la camera, le mot d’ordre est de s’amuser, ce qui se ressent à l’écran. Sydney was transformed into the territory of the game for a rough production, but the main character was in the bad heroes of Louis, he was retrofitted in the form of an actor in order to play in double film – do not go from behind the glass of this film. big-budget quest Metalstorm. So, the first realization of Jodi Moreno, which is nothing more than the former poor man Colt, a compliant son, returning sur-le-plateau, who is prend-de-se-fait-de-temptation de croix for chaotic days.

Multiplying the impact of situations and moments of courage, Autumn guy If we are talking about the chaos that offers a performance created or cascades of offices of attractions, but David Leitch étant de saluer ce corps de métier, qu’il connaît si bien mais également de Montrer la Realité derriere ces Tours de passe-passe Destiny in the vastness of Mirette for the audience. Une Plongée Côté Coulisses, qui égratigne Gentiment to this gigantic machine that is in Hollywood, or les décisionnaires on le mauvais role – ce qui donne du corps à ce délire musclé, Sachant Tire profit from capital sympathetic to distribution. In addition, the tandem of Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt is released in his Chamailler, in their rabibosher, tandis que parmi las Seconds Couteaux Aaron Taylor-Johnson et Hannah Waddingham se moquent efficacement de leur image.

Returning to the sauce blockbuster The Man in the Picture, David Leitch explored his passion for cascade design with The Fall Guy and the tongue-in-cheek fun paired with Gosling and Blunt’s accomplice. A sympathetic proposal.

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