Criticized after her selection for a prestigious ranking, Cardi B responds with style

A few weeks ago, the magazine RollingStone unveiled their ranking of the 200 best rap albums of all time. A list that did not fail to react at the time. Today, Cardi B reacts to this classification.

Don’t try to disrespect me or my job »

In this ranking, Bardi saw his album Invasion of Privacy end up in 16th position, in front of albums like Illmatic of Nas or All Eyes on Me of 2Pac. This list had not failed to make people talk on social networks. A few hours ago, the New York rapper was invited to react to the controversy. The twenty-nine-year-old artist says:

They were dragging me like, “How dare they put Cardi before Nas. I thought, “Oh my God. » I just woke up and I’m getting turned on. I didn’t even ask that. You know, I understand people feel that way. But don’t try to disrespect me or my work, or my album. ‘Cause your mother was listening to my sh*t, your female dog was driving listening to Be Careful. »

Subsequently, the rapper will explain that she thought she had been pranked by RollingStone at the beginning.

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