Critics’ Choice Awards: Halle Berry’s emotional speech that made Lady Gaga cry | He won the SeeHer award, which rewards the fight against stereotypes

Halle Berryactress and film director and winner of an Oscar award, among many others, moved with her speech this Sunday during the delivery of the Critics’ Choice Awardswhen receiving the award SeeHeraimed at women who challenge gender stereotypes with their roles.

“The first time I read the script for Wound, which was my directorial debut, I realized that it wasn’t written for someone like me. So I told the producers, ‘Why not me? why can’t it be a black woman?‘. And they said, ‘Why not?’ Later they told me to find a director. And then I found the courage to say: ‘Why not me?’ And they said, ‘Why not?’” Berry recounted.


He continued, “When the movie came out, I plucked up the courage to ask someone what they thought of the movie. And he said to me: ‘It’s been difficult to see a woman being mistreated. She has made me feel uncomfortable. At that moment I understood why I needed to tell this story, I understood its power. Because I said if it was uncomfortable to see that story, imagine being that woman who lives it. It is the power of storytelling, it can awaken our conscience. We must have compassion and empathy for others.”

In addition to being the director, in Wound (Bruised, in English) Berry plays a MMA fighter (mixed martial arts) who is going through a bad time: the reappearance of his son, whom he abandoned as a baby, occurs just as he prepares to face a tough rival.

Halle Berry’s speech

“I am grateful to live in this time where women are rebelling and we are telling our own stories, because we are going to write, produce, direct. If we are brave enough, we will star in them. All at the same time. We will use our emotional intelligence to tell stories that do not fit into the established notions, that show us completely”, added Berry before the applause of the public and the Lady Gaga tears of emotion.

We won’t always be pretty and we’ll never be perfect, but what we will be will always be honest and true, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel. These are the stories we have to fight to tell, and these are the stories the world needs to see. So, to every girl who feels invisible and unheard, this is our way of saying: we love you and we see you, and you deserve all the good things in this world”, he concluded.

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