“Cruella 2” has not yet passed, production is proceeding at its own pace

Emma Stone, the lead actress of Cruella 2, takes a more cautious and optimal approach to the script and expresses her impatience with the role of the repeat son.


  • Emma Stone’s Cruella Alone will be released again.
  • Cruella 2 is currently in the writing stages, and I’ve been looking forward to its producing debut “more than later.”
  • Little recipes and attention, Disney believes Cruella eat success.
  • “The Second Film” is a risk of deconstruction, a labor of complex characterization of the premiere.

Emma Stone discreetly recalls Cruella’s number

Hollywood star Emma Stone recently shared details regarding the promotion Cruella 2. The premiere opus, released in 2021, traces the origins of the famous antagonist 101 Dalmatians, who turned into the creator of a regime that became obsolete according to the principle of the Quartet. I was inspired MaleficentDisney’s bold film reinvented the classic class, most empathetic in its previous incarnations, anime and live-action.

Development Course Scenario

Gives an interview with Diversity“Emma Stone has indicated that Cruella 2 is in the encore stage of development, with everyone fully prepared for production to begin.”pluto it’s not that late“. Incapable of drawing up an accurate calendar, the actress was able to easily understand her role, wanting to perform it.

Cruella: Failed Success and Defect in Half-Taint

At a time when the first foray into blush took place after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, recipes Cruella Part of Disney’s habit of watching great movies pre-pandemic. Despite the low profits, Disney once again views the film as a success and announces that it will be released post-departure in 2021.

Les enjeux de la suite

In addition, a small recruitment index is possible within the bridge loan scene. Cruella, one wonders whether the type of invention the character introduced in the first film is well-contextualized within the context of the events. To restore and compensate for forgotten memories of the premiere film, Disney is taking the time necessary to better build the story.

What are you thinking?

In the current cinema, luxes are shown during the day. However, the most important thing is not to sacrifice quality or quantity. Avec Cruella 2, Disney provides the opportunity to develop complex and engaging characters. Expect us to offer much-needed personal story time and treat our fans to the highest level of attention.

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