Cruz Azul presented the fifth boost for Clausura 2024


The Cement Machine Company announced on its social networks one of the most anticipated reinforcements for Martin Anselmi.

Cruz Azul already has five official reinforcements for Clausura 2024.
© Official website of Cruz AzulCruz Azul already has five official reinforcements for Clausura 2024.

Cruz Azul is resolutely arming himself to fight for his tenth Liga MX star at the Clausura 2024 tournament. To achieve this goal, the board led by Victor Velazquez and Ivan Alonso moved forward to receive Martin Anselmi’s reinforcements in advance.and so that they can give themselves the necessary time to adapt before the start of the competition.

Cement Machine has already registered six companies, five of which have already been formalized. The first to receive the “greeting” were Gonzalo Piovi, Camilo Candido, Toro Fernandez and Luis Jimenez.. On the same day that the young goalkeeper from Necaxa was introduced, One of the most anticipated by fans has also arrived.

Through its social networks, Cruz Azul announced the arrival of Lorenzo Faravelli, the fifth signing officially announced so far. “And the 5th reinforcements arrived! From Independiente del Valle to La Maquina… Lolo is Celeste. 💙 Welcome to Cruz Azul, Lorenzo Faravelli!”they wrote in their first post, along with the classic resulting image.

Cruz Azul introduced Faravelli. (@Blue Cross)

A few minutes later, a second post appeared on the La Maquina accounts with a photograph of Lolo Faravelli dressed as Celeste on the main playing field of the La Noria stadium. “This is your new home, “Lolo” 💙Welcome to Cruz Azul!”has been read.

Cruz Azul introduced Faravelli. (@Blue Cross)

What next reinforcements will be presented?

All signs point to Kevin Mayer being the next addition announced.. The 23-year-old Colombian goalkeeper is already signed a five-year contract with Cruz Azul and the announcement of his arrival is imminent. He could be the starting goalie in Martin Anselmi’s ideal lineup.

Survey If you had the choice, which of these three would you sign?

If you had the choice, which of these three would you sign?


What other reinforcements will arrive in Cruz Azul?

The cement machine could bring two more additions to the 2024 Clausura tournament. Alfonso Ponchito Gonzalez, player Rayados de Monterrey would be very close to cementing his ties with Cementero. For its part, the situation Alexis Vegaand names Carlos Vela or Sebastian Cordova as possible “replacements” for Gru.

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