Cruz Azul: this is how negotiations continue for Alexis Vega


Key week to complete signing of Alexis Vega for Clausura 2024; Negotiations with Chivas continue.

Alexis Vega can still get to Cruz Azul.
© Alfredo Moya/JAM MEDIAAlexis Vega can still get to Cruz Azul.

The longest novel on this pass market Cruz Azul has signed a contract with Alexis Vega. Because interest Car To include the Mexican striker in their ranks, a large number of chapters have been developed to this day, but it has not yet been finalized.

And, despite the fact that there would be interest in this from all sides bomb in mexican footballincluding desire Mexican striker joining the team he fell in love with since childhood, there were some details that the cement slab couldn’t handle Chivas.

According to various journalists, Cruz Azul continues negotiations with the Packin order to complete the signing Alexis Vegabefore the debut in Clausura 2024, two weeks, next Saturday, January 13th.

Alexis Vega, sold by Chivas to Cruz Azul, could still arrive this week. Negotiations are ongoing and will be completed soon. Even though starting tomorrow I will be free to negotiate, there are confidential agreements that allow this to happen“, This was reported by journalist and former head of the club’s communications department Carlos Cordova.

“Alexis Vega is still halfway there. “Negotiations are ongoing, and soon this story will come to an end,” he said. published by Fox Sports journalist Armando Melgar, who has been closely following Cruz Azul’s negotiations for the national team.

Options for Cruz Azul to sign Alexis Vega

According to Record, Cruz Azul wouldn’t mind signing Alexis Vega. So I’d wait ends in 2023 For continue negotiations in Verde Valleso this will be a key week to determine your future.

This is because the Mexican contract ends June 2024 And This may be Chivas’ last chance to sell him.otherwise, The heavenly board could now directly negotiate with the player about possible free arrival in the summer.

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