Cruz Azul: who scored in the friendly match with Gallos?


Cruz Azul clarified that it was not Angel Sepúlveda who scored the goal in the third friendly this Saturday against Gallos.

El Toro Fernandez scored again.
© Blue CrossEl Toro Fernandez scored again.

Cruz Azul played his third preparatory matchbefore debut in Closing 2024 and he did it again in triumph. Team led Martin Anselmi secured another victory, winning by a landslide 4-1 against Queretarofrom objects of the city Ferris wheel.

Thus, doubts pointed to players who scored goals in the matchsince the first unofficial reports revealed that Angel Sepulveda contributed with a purpose. This is due to the fact that the meeting was not broadcast either on television or on social networks.

Nevertheless, Cruz Azul was responsible for resolving all doubts. Well, as soon as the meeting ended, he publishedor an accurate scoreboard with the names of the scorers. Thus he showed that they were young players who opposed the Roosters.

Who scored against Gallos?

Gabriel Fernandez, Mauro Saleta, Mateo Levi and Brian Gamboa, They were responsible for signing goals so that The Machine beat Queretaro 4–1. in the third pre-season friendly, the second under mandate Martin Anselmi. Target Roosters It was the work of Gerardo Gil.

It should be noted that He Bull opened the scoreboard with which he scored his second goal as a cement worker, since the former Pumas player had already made his debut as a goalscorer in La Maquina’s second friendly match, last week against Atlanta.

Cruz Azul’s other two wins in preseason

The first match of pre-season training took place at the La Noria base on December 16 against a representative of the Cement U-23 team. In that duel Angel Sepulveda is in the spotlight when opening with double entry victory of the first team with a score of 3:1.

After that with him Argentine strategist at the helm, on the last day of 2023, Cruz Azul won against Atlanta with a score of 3:0.. Uriel Antuna, Willer Ditta And Gabriel Bull Fernandez were responsible for shaking up the networks to officially usher in the era Anselmi on the bench.

The reinforcements added more minutes against Gallos. (Photo: Cruz Azul)

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