Cruz Azul: With Amaury Morales, Anselmi will change the logic


Cruz Azul is determined to provide more opportunities for young people. In this context, one of the greatest promises would be the tip of the spear.

Martin Anselmi wants to change several logics in Cruz Azul during 2024.
© Twitter @LuisGardunoJrMartin Anselmi wants to change several logics in Cruz Azul during 2024.

Cruz Azul continues to prepare to show his best version at the 2024 MX League Clausura tournament. The Martin Anselmi stage is expected to be the leading team for which work has been and is being done in the winter transfer market. However, There will also be a place for young players.And especially for one of the jewels.

In the latest episode of El Podcast de La Maquina, Javier Alarcón, Tito Villa and Paco Villa focused part of their performances on the exhibition the decline of Celeste and Mexican football in general in questions generation in the main forces plus debut and consolidation of youth in the first teams.

Cruz Azul of the Copa Libertadores had seven young players and they beat Boca in the Bombonera final but lost on penalties., Seven. Galdames, Pinheiro and Cardozo only strengthened this Cruz Azul…. ¿What was done in the 90s has now stopped being done, and we need a left-back, a completely foreign line of defense to the detriment of Guerrero and Huescas.?Alarcón outlined.

In this context, this is what Adrian Esparza Oteoprovided a screenshot of five homegrown players who made their debut at Apertura 2023 and played a few minutes. At the last tournament, Cruz Azul debuted five players, four in one match against remember, in the first round there were many disqualifications, deletions, and so on, and then the debut took place Amaury Morales. All of them played only one game in the tournament, debuts are coming and there is no continuity either. in processes”began.

Martin Anselmi will highlight the fame of Amaury Morales and other young homegrown players.

However, a journalist covering the life of Cruz Azul gave the crowd good news: Martin Anselmi would have decided to pay more attention to Amaury Morales during the Clausura 2024.and other young people left the quarry.

“I think that Amaury Morales will be one of Martin Anselmi’s options for this tournament.I consider Amaury a player who He’ll usually be on the bench and I think he’ll start getting some minutes.. It must be remembered that Anselmi is a guy who likes to give young people a chance. (…)
I hope that the children of Cruz Azul will be given this opportunity, I understand that. The whole goal of Martin Anselmi and Ivan Alonso is to give children minutes
– said the TUDN correspondent.

In addition to this information, Paco Villa expressed his I wish Morales would get the role and also that Rodrigo Huescas and Rafa Guerrero would consolidate. with the first team.

“I’d rather no one come than the wrong player come. I prefer that they play Amaury Morales, that they give Rodrigo Huescas a chance, that Rafa Guerrero settles in the center.“Years will go by where money is spent on players who leave nothing for the institution.”– the narrator began.

Survey Do you think Cruz Azul needs more homegrown player activity in the first team or should we invest more and let reinforcements take the lead?

Do you think Cruz Azul needs more action from homegrown players in the first team, or should we invest more and let reinforcements take the lead?

More activity from homegrown players

Reinforcement Protagonists


Who is Amaury Morales, the young promise of Cruz Azul?

Amaury Morales is a 28-year-old midfielder who stands out for his dominance and good ball control. In the last Apertura 2023 tournament he participated in the lineup Until the age of 23, he played in nine matches and scored at least four goals.. In September He made his debut in the starting lineup against Mazatlán, playing just one minute.and a few weeks later he took part again briefly in a match against Pumas UNAM.

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