Cuba extends duty-free import deadline for food, hygiene products and medicines until March

The Cuban government will extend until March 31 non-commercial, duty-free imports of food, medicine and toiletries without restrictions on their value.

The Ministry of Finance and Prices (MPF), in its Resolution 280 of 2023, extended this measure to products brought into the country by passengers as accompanied luggage.

The organization also issued Resolution 281, which extends until the same date the permit for imported power plants with a capacity of more than 900 W.even if its cost exceeds that established for air, sea, postal and courier shipments.

The standard states that the decision takes into account the benefits that purchasing power plants by supply brings to the residential sector, taking into account “contingencies” in the power system.

Last week, during the session of the National Assembly, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero announced the extension of the tariff exemption period, which It was supposed to take place this Sunday, December 31st..

Marrero then said that the decision to keep it in force was made despite the fact that it was an exemption It did not produce the expected results because it was used to solve people’s problems, but ultimately became a way to “import products that are resold at speculative prices.”

The leader noted that they will work to find ways and funding to ensure a steady supply of foreign currency stores “so that someone who wants to buy does not have to go abroad to import what they can buy here.”

He expressed that it is necessary, “first of all, to guarantee a stable supply in foreign currency stores if we want to maintain and further increase the supply of the national store chain.”

He also stressed that the government’s vision “is not to dollarize the economy at all” but that “we must go through partial dollarization, which will allow us to raise or increase the group of currencies to be able to use them for the benefit of the economy and the economy.” social development of the country.”

This The measure was adopted for the first time since the protests on July 11, a way to fill the general food shortage that already existed in the country.

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