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Cuba’s Yoruba Cultural Association warns of an increase in the abuse of women and abandonment of children, in addition to an increase in crime, in its Letter of the Year for 2024.

A group of Cuban Santería priests or “Babalawos” met last New Year’s Eve at the headquarters of the association in Havana and this January 1 they published a “Letter of the Year” with their predictions, which will help the practitioners of this religion. And is one of the traditions of the believers. ,

In their predictions about health, the group of Yorubas associated with the ruling party has predicted an increase in diseases of the “lower abdomen”, neurological and cerebrovascular, genetics and skin diseases.

Furthermore, he predicted a “decrease in the birth rate” and an “increase in marital dissolution.”

The group, which has been accepted into the Registry of Cuban Associations, asked the authorities to increase preventive work on “the ingestion of alcoholic beverages and the use of drugs, especially among young people and their consequences”.

Babalawo, in a message published on his social networks, told the youth to “respect the elders and in turn, the elders should set an example.”

Its publication calls for “respecting differences among human beings to avoid unnecessary conflicts and disagreements.”

Ifa priests also advised “to pay more attention to agricultural productivity and land use”.

As of 2021, Cuba has two letters of the year. The second is from the Commission of the Independent Association of Letters of the Year “Miguel Fables Padrón”, which this Tuesday, January 2, will make public its annual proclamation of predictions and advice, but announced that the indications are with the Eros Umbo and Elegua Governorates. By Yamaya, the god of the sea.

Furthermore, the Kola Ifa Ocha Commission in Miami, which has not yet published its charter for 2024, has announced that Oshun and Shango will rule, according to a publication by Martí Noticias.

Santeria in Cuba

Cuban Santería emerged as a fusion between traditions brought by African slaves and the Catholic beliefs of the Spanish. EFE explains in a note about the 2023 Letter of the Year that it is the majority religion on the island that is completely rooted in exclusivity and national culture.

Syncretistic cults, brought to Cuba with African slaves during the colonial period, are transmitted by oral tradition from one generation to the next through prayers, rites, chants, magical formulas, proverbs, dances, songs, sacrifices, and religious rituals. One of the main practices in the divination of Santería and has its own elements is the use of snares, which are for the function of consultation, and the so-called “foundation necklaces”, made of beads of the colors characteristic of each deity. Are.

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