Cubans can travel to these countries without a visa in 2024

Where can Cubans travel without a visa in 2024? A visa is an authorization affixed to your passport that indicates your name, photo and the number of days you are allowed to stay in a particular country. There are some types of visas that are not attached to the passport, but are issued as separate documents and must be printed, such as electronic visas.

One way to travel visa-free is to take advantage of visa exemption agreements that exist between certain countries. These agreements allow citizens of some countries to enter other countries without applying for a visa, as long as their stay is brief. For example, citizens of the United States, Australia, Canada, and the European Union (EU) can travel to many destinations without a visa.

This year, according to the Visa Guide, a website specializing in visas and passports in the world, 2024 starts with the Spanish passport at the top of the world, the most powerful. A passport that many Cubans with Spanish nationality also hold. But, the native passport of these citizens, the Cuban passport, is not one of the best and has few options for visa-free travel. We tell you in detail.

Where can a Cuban travel without a visa in 2024?

According to the VisaGuide Passport Index, the Cuban passport ranked 134th in the world in January 2024. This means that Cuban citizens can travel to 28 countries in the world without a visa. However, Cuban passport holders must first apply for a visa to enter the rest of the country.

For visa-free travel, you must still have a valid passport (usually six months after your departure date) and you must purchase travel medical insurance as required by your destination country, show a hotel reservation, and in many cases You will have to show a return ticket to your country. ,

Which are these countries where Cubans can travel without a visa in 2024? According to the above website, they are the following:

Countries Visa Cuba

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