Dairy products that have more protein than milk and less fat than cheese.

To take care of your bones, you can consume dairy products. His fame as source of calcium precedes them, although they are far from the only products containing this important mineral. This includes milk, cheese and yogurt. All of them are recommended as long as you take them in moderation, and you know how to choose ones that are not ultra-processed.

That being said, there is one food that may fly under your radar despite its many nutritional benefits. It provides calcium so it takes care of your bone health, but it’s low in fat so it won’t affect your weight. It is also very rich in quality proteins..

It’s about cottage cheese. A dairy product made from whey left over from cheese production. Which is fermented by the action of lactic acid bacteria called lactobacilli. Then heat until it becomes oily, soft in consistency and white in color.

Its taste and consistency allow it to easily adapt to both salty and sweet dishes. It can be accompanied by honey, nuts and fruits or oats as part of healthy breakfast. Also in salads, appetizers or alone with pepper or a little oil.

Benefits of cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is an important source of protein because it contains 4 times more protein than milk. In addition, as the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN) clarifies, its proteins (lactoglobulin and lactalbumin) greatest biological value than those present in larger quantities in other dairy products (casein). That is provides essential amino acids and your body absorbs them better than from other sources.

Proteins are the staple food for take care of your muscle mass, which is lost with age. They are also suitable for weight management as they have a noticeable satiating effect.

If you are concerned about your figure, cottage cheese is also a suitable option among dairy products, since its fat content is lower than most cheeses. WITH 4 grams of fat per 100 grams “It contains a third of the fat of Burgos cheese and almost 8 times less than half-aged, Roquefort or Cabrales cheese, making it a suitable product to include in a weight control diet,” advises FEN.

Your contribution to saturated fat is also significantly lower, Therefore, it is among the cheeses that can be consumed if you have high cholesterol, provided it is in moderation.

Also helps you get your daily calcium intake, key to preventing osteoporosis. Although it offers half as much milk, its 60 grams per 100 people is significant. Accompanying nuts or spinach toast, you can easily increase this amount.

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