Dakota Johnson and the basic jacket that our Converse need

we love the dakota johnson of the met gala. In her Gucci rhinestone jumpsuit. Strange and beautiful at the same time. But the Dakota who walks the streets of Los Angeles and New York with Frappuccino in hand, baseball cap, moccasins –also from Gucci, of course– and american inspires us as much or more than the first. In fact, it is likely that her conversion into an icon of modern, contemporary style, or however the hell you want to define it, comes precisely from this gallery of informal outfits in which the protagonist of Suspiria puts all the meat on the grill: “let no one forget that in my old house (where he lived until he moved in with Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay) there was a piano that he did not know how to play and a collection of fine china that was never used” , seems to say with that mixture of “hipsterism” and comfort that dominates his style.

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Dakota Johnson at the Global Citizen NOW event held in New York two days ago.

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The crossed and basic blazer

But beware that the Dakota of the Met is not the one of yesterday nor the one of today. your closet, like almost all of them, is immersed in a constant transformation as a result of the changes that occur in fashion, which implies, on a stylistic level, turning years and life itself. That the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson watches movies, reads books and goes to exhibitions like everyone else, and therefore receives influences that later crystallize in her way of dressing.

Being more specific, the Dakota who attended the Global Citizen NOW event a couple of days ago in New York is more sophisticated than the “angelina” and less crazy than the one who stepped on the red carpet of the Met Gala. The look that she wore demonstrates this: a set made up of an american cross and wide pants combined with simple black heels.

The American is perhaps the most Dakota piece of all, that’s why we see it in many other outfits that the actress could wear from now on. We see her wearing jeans, sandals with comfortable heels and even with some converse. And that the wardrobes of the world continue to transform, that this American stays.


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