Dakota Johnson falls in love in her new romantic drama

There is little left for us to see Dakota Johnson in the fiery new adaptation of persuasion, the Jane Austen classic, which premieres on Netflix next July 15. Meanwhile, the protagonist of 50 shades of gray Y personal assistantis claimed as a versatile actress in the dramatic comedy dancing for lifewhich has just been released AppleTV+.

The film has a very simple plot that catches you from the first scene and invites you to keep a smile from start to finish. Young Andrew (played by new American movie wunderkind Cooper Raiff, who also directs and writes the screenplay) is fresh out of college and He doesn’t know what he wants to do in life. At the moment, he starts working as an entertainer at parties for his little brother’s classmates.

In one of these jobs, he meets an autistic girl with whom he identifies, who has trouble relating to others. His mother is Dakota Johnson, to cause in the impressionable Andrew an irresistible magnetism that will change his life and that of his family.

Dakota Johnson: Fetish Actress, Producer, and Chris Martin’s Muse

Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson’s daughter was famous from birth. But in recent years she has been determined to show that her talent for acting goes far beyond her origins and her last name. If you stayed with her controversial role in the film series 50 shades of grayit’s time for you to review the subsequent films of the actress.

Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann in Dancing for Life

Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann in Dancing for Lifeappletv+

three years ago, in The family that you choose, in which she starred with Shia LaBeouf, Dakota has already shown her interest in making films that are out of the ordinary. On this occasion, she played a very particular nurse who joins two brothers (one of them with Down syndrome) on a journey to pursue a dream.

As soon as the project arrived dancing for lifeDakota did not hesitate to get fully involved and become one of the producers. The award at Sundance and the support of Apple TV+, which bought the rights to show the film for 15 million dollars, have proved his intuition for good stories right. On this occasion, the story is sweet and bitter, with a fair touch of comedy, about a young man and his family, but without critical or social reflections. “She is a charming and funny film”, as she describes herself.

At the same time that she has established herself in her professional career, the actress has consolidated her discreet relationship with singer Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex. Introducing his new song, “Universe,” the Coldplay singer declared: “This song is about my Universe, and she’s here,” he told the audience at a concert, where Dakota was standing in the front row, opening her arms.

Who is Cooper Raiff, the new prodigy of American cinema?

At just 23 years old, this young man born in Dallas, presented at the prestigious Sundance Festival, the Mecca of North American independent cinema, a dramatic comedy inspired by her experiences at university California Liberal Arts. The film, titled shit house (literally “shit house”), took home the top prize at SXSW, the most indie section of Sundance.

Cooper Raiff, director and screenwriter of the movie

Cooper Raiff, director and screenwriter of the filmappletv+

Two years after its early success, Raiff has just released Cha Cha Real Smooh (dancing for life) and the world points to him as the new jewel of cinema that goes beyond the conventional. At Sundance he received a long applause and the Audience Award, very knowledgeable in films that have a very personal stamp. After his success, Raiff has been recognized internationally as the new prodigy of indie cinema and Apple TV + kept his production for 15 million dollars for its release. exclusive premiere on the platform.

“For me Cha Cha Real Smooth (dancing for life) is the story of two soul mates who help each other get stronger to face different times in their lives,” Raiff explained at the film’s Sundance presentation. Raiff mentioned normal people, by Sally Rooney, as her favorite story, both in its original novel and its television adaptation. Raiff also explained how one of her inspirations is the soulmate Concept, and how he believes that there is always a person nearby who helps us understand ourselves.

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