Danes’ secret of happiness, which is worth applying in 2024 (costs very little)

Denmark usually ranks first in happiness ratings Global. And there are objective reasons for this. Denmark offers its citizens high quality of life with quality government services, access to education, healthcare and other social services. Implement policies aimed at reducing social and economic disparities and ensuring that equal opportunities among its citizens. Danes have a lot of trust in their institutions and no corruption. Denmark appreciates work-life balance. Danes tend to have reasonable working hours, allowing more time for leisure and family. They are also pioneers of environmentally friendly policies. Wednesday.

We could go on, but surely this will be enough to understand why they are some of the happiest people. But there is one more thing: hyggephilosophy of life practiced Danes. We explain what it is and how to apply this philosophy in your daily life. Nordic which, like the Swedish gökotta or Finnish sisu, contributes to increased levels of satisfaction.

What is the philosophy of hygge

Hygge has its roots in the Danish and Norwegian languages ​​and has evolved over time into the personification the very essence of happiness. Although it does not have a literal translation, it can be described as a feeling of comfort, warmth and well-being. Probably the closest word in meaning is “cozy.”

If you ask a Dane what hygge is, he might answer that it is watch TV under the covers enjoying homemade cinnamon cookies or enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace on a rainy day.”.

Traditionally, hygge has been associated with winter. In Denmark this season is very difficult because there is only four hours of sun a day The temperature is around 0°C, so the Danes spend a lot of time indoors. But this philosophy goes beyond staying cozy at home when it’s cold. Really try to prioritize. tranquilityThis simple And emotional connection with the environment and people around us. According to hygge, happiness lies in small everyday things. And to get it you have to know evaluate the basics and find satisfaction in the simple.

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