Dani Alves praises Cristiano Ronaldo

Daniel Alves admitted that during his spells at Barcelona he never had the opportunity to say what he really thought of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Brazil international has revealed he has a huge respect for the Portuguese striker and that he was an example for anyone who doesn’t have above-average natural talent to follow.

“Now that we are no longer in the Barca vs Real duel, because it always feels like we can’t talk, now that I’m not there anymore, I can talk. Cristiano is an example for all of us, which do not have as much quality. He shows us that with work we can also compete with the best. He is the example. I respect him a lot, even when I was playing against him. I had the opportunity to tell him,” revealed the right side, in an interview with Efrían Velarde, better known as El Chispa.

Daniel Alves even admitted that he is “closer to Cristiano Ronaldo than Lionel Messi.”How can you not respect a man who has achieved everything by working hard, by putting all his heart and all his soul into it? I identify with him. Everything I’ve done in my life has been based on that. If you were to make a comparison, as a player, I’m closer to Cristiano than Leo (Messi). I say that I identify more with Cristiano because of work. That’s what I’ve done all my life: working to be able to succeed, to get where I’ve got. It wasn’t pure talent,” the 39-year-old continued.

“It was a percentage of talent, but the biggest thing was hard work. And that’s what Cristiano does. Ithe talent, yes, he has talent. But his work is what allowed him to compete with Messi and anyone else. How not to respect it? But of course, at Barça and Real Madrid, there is this sensitivity“, concludes Dani Alves.

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