Dani Alves testifies in court and claims that the complainant had a sexual interest

Provincial Court of Barcelona Starting this Monday, February 5, the trial of Dani Alves, accused of the crime of sexual assault with carnal access, will take place here. Apparently, this was the last session, and the former La Liga player was the last to take the stand.

In his statement of what happened a few hours before his arrival at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, ​​where the events allegedly took place, Alves detailed before the court that he and his friends, “whom he had not seen for a long time,” went to a restaurant in Eixample, where “we drank five bottles of wine and a bottle of whiskey. That’s what’s on the restaurant ticket. More or less, I drank a bottle and a half of wine and several glasses of whiskey. After leaving the restaurant we went to Nuba and had a drink gin and tonics. To get there we went by car. Bruno (Brazil, his friend) was driving because I drank a lot and couldn’t drive“.


Bruno Brazil, friend of Dani Alves

Enric Foncuberta / EFE

About your approach to the applicant

“When we got to the stand, we danced for a while. First two girls came and danced for a while. Then they invited the other three girls. I didn’t notice that they were uncomfortable with us“, – the accused expressed words with which he contradicted the testimony of the applicant’s cousin and friend, who from the very beginning stated that he was “uncomfortable”.

Regarding his approach to the alleged victim, Alves explained that “the complainant and I started dancing closer to each other, we were having a good time, we were enjoying each other. We started rubbing our parts. She started touching my body parts. When it was my turn, I thought it was sexual tension and talked to her about going to the toilet. I didn’t have to insist.”

“The complainant started touching my body parts.”

Dani Alves in his statement before the judge

Dani Alves in court

Dani Alves in court

Jordi Borras / ACN

He further added, “I thought he wouldn’t come, but he eventually went to the bathroom. We started kissing. He started to take off my pants, I helped him. I sat on the toilet seat and he knelt down to give me a blowjob. “I sat the whole time and stood up only to cum from her sex after a blowjob that lasted almost the entire time we were in the bathroom.”

“Then I left because I didn’t want them to see us leaving the bathroom together. She didn’t tell me she wanted to leave. I didn’t stop her from leaving. I didn’t slap her or grab her hair. I’m not that kind of person, I’m not cruel. I also didn’t want to perform oral sex on him. She didn’t tell me anything, we both liked it, nothing more. “He didn’t tell me he didn’t want to do it,” the defendant said, ending his statement in tears.

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About his arrival home

Just as Joana Sanz, the footballer’s wife, testified on the second day of the trial, Dani Alves assured that “when I came home, my wife was asleep in bed and I fell asleep. I drank a lot“.

Finally, the former football player wanted to explain the reason for changing his version: “What I have stated now is the same as what I stated in the second institutional declaration. In the first one I didn’t mention fellatio because I thought my wife couldn’t forgive me“.


Dani Alves on the pier


About compensation

In his statement to the court, Dani Alves also raised the economic issue. “When I paid the compensation in August, I was practically bankrupt.“, he said, adding that “I only had 50,000 euros left in my account and I had a debt to the treasury of half a million euros.”

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