Dani Alves testifies today in the final stages of her trial for allegedly raping a young woman.

The third meeting will take place this Wednesday. rape trial former Barça player, Dani Alves. The trial will resume at 3 p.m. with expert testimony and then the questioning of Alves, who will be able to choose whether to testify or not. If you decide to come forward, you will also decide whether to answer the charges or just your own defense.

Finally, the prosecution will support or not support their pleas for conviction. At the moment, the prosecutor’s office is asking for 9 years in prison, and the private prosecution is asking for 12 years for allegedly rape a young woman in the bathroom from the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona.

Yesterday, Tuesday, several witnesses to the attack testified in court, including 12 agents of Mossos d’Escadre who came to the nightclub to assist the victim, the owner of the premises and the employees of the nightclub where the events took place.

The victim was afraid that they would not believe him

Those in charge of the premises told the court that the victim was in shockwho didn’t want to report the facts because “He was afraid that his name would become public knowledge. and it was believed that she was to blame for everything that happened” for going to the toilet with the football player.

Moreover, since Alves is a famous person, He was afraid that they would not believe him. This version was supported by the victim’s cousin and friend, who testified on Monday and regularly accompanied the victim to the nightclub.

The girls said that the accused and his friends invited them to the VIP area of ​​the nightclub and that it was Alves who maintained a “slobbery relationship” with the three of them. Footballer even He touched their private area while they danced.

For their part, the Mossos d’Esquadra also assured that when they arrived at the nightclub after activating the sexual assault protocol, the victim was in shock, crying and “overwhelmed by the situation.”

His friends and partner say he was drunk.

Six witnesses also testified yesterday to support Alves’ version of events. The purpose of protection is to achieve mitigating the consequences of drinking in possible conviction.

Thus, his wife, model Joana Sanz, assured the court that Alves came home at dawn smelling of alcohol and that “he collided with a wardrobe and a small table and collapsed onto the bed.”

Besides, Friends Those who spent the night with him said they drank from lunch, also had dinner together, and then went to a cocktail bar.

One of these friends of Alves, who later traveled with him to Sutton, added that he noticed a “respectful, sexual but respectful chemistry” between his friend and the complainant, contrary to what Alves’ friend and cousin expressed to the complainant at trial.

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The manager of the Sutton nightclub also stated that that evening he was under the impression that Alves, a regular customer, “drank or smoked something”and the owner of the restaurant where he dined stated that he saw him leave in euphoria.

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