Dani Alves would have lost his wife, team and would be alone due to the alleged sexual abuse scandal | soccer trivia

Nightmare is an inaccurate term for what Dani Alves lives from the moment he was denounced by a 23-year-old Spanish woman for alleged sexual abuse and violence in Barcelona.

The Brazilian has not raised his head since the World Cup in Qatar, to which he arrived hopeful and happy at the age of 39, but he was soon eliminated, his mother-in-law passed away and now he faces a cascade of losses that not only happens because of his work, since his club announced his dismissal and more legal action because of the scandal, but, apparently, also because of his marriage.

According to the Spanish press, the soccer player changed his statement three times and went from ensuring that he did not know the alleged victim to acknowledging that they had sex but at her initiative. His Calvary has just begun because the judge in the case ordered him to be kept in prison to avoid the risk of escape. This is what the Brazilian has lost even without having been sentenced by justice:

The job

“The National University Club terminates Daniel Alves’ contract with just cause as of this day”
announced Leopoldo Silva, president of the Board of Directors of Pumas de México, the club where the winger played until a few weeks ago.

“With this decision, the club reiterates its commitment not to tolerate acts by any member of our institution that violate the university spirit and its values. The Universidad Nacional club is an institution that promotes respect and integrity and institutional behavior inside and outside of the field, of its players and players because they are a role model in society, in Mexico and anywhere in the world and we cannot allow the conduct of a person to harm our philosophy that has been an example of history in training and development of young athletes in our country”, he added.

It is not the only measure because it was also announced that there will be million-dollar lawsuits for breach of the terms of his contract.

absolute silence

The man who made everyone laugh in the locker room, who was the faithful friend, who appeared in Doha consoling Neymar after the World Cup elimination, is now completely alone. None of the figures of the Brazilian team, starting with the media Ney, or his famous personal friends with a long career in football have wanted to see themselves splashed in the scandal and nobody has asked for solidarity, patience so as not to condemn him until they hear a court ruling. firm.

No wife?

According to Brazilian reporter Marcelo Bechler (TNT Sports), who quotes a source close to Alves – without identifying her -, Alves “initially lied because he is married and tried to hide an infidelity.” And that would have been the origin of the scandal and of the contradictory versions that he has delivered to justice.

According to Bechler, “the source treated Joana Sanz (his wife) as the ‘ex-wife’ of Daniel Alves”, which has caused various media outlets to terminate the relationship with the model.

The only thing Sanz has asked for is respect: “I please ask the media that are outside my house to respect my privacy at this time. My mother passed away a week ago. I have barely begun to assume that she is no longer there so as to torment me with my husband’s situation. I have lost the only two pillars of my life. Have a little empathy, instead of looking for so much news in the pain of others, thank you”. So far she continues to refer to Alves as her husband. But the latest details in the alleged victim’s statement could change everything.

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