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Atlético Nacional and Deportivo Cali completed the signing of Daniel Mantilla, who left the ranks of the Antioquia green team to become a new player for the Valle del Cauca green team. In the sugar box, Mantilla, with his overflows, audacity that he demonstrated in La Equidad and in the Medellín team, must help Jorge Luis Pinto and his teammates to forget a 2022 full of misfortunes, and try to seek international competitions for 2024.

Although Daniel Mantilla had offers from Bogotá clubs, especially Millonarios, Deportivo Cali was the team that stayed with the former Equidad and now, the former Atlético Nacional. But, his signing surprised, and the fans of the Cali team are quite excited about Mantilla for the rebirth of the institution. He knows that, in the same way, he will be surrounded by the economic problems of Cali, but that was his decision.

However, in conversation with Caracol Radio’s VBar, Daniel Mantilla opened up about his departure from Nacional and stated that it was never his intention to really leave the Antioquia green team. “These are decisions that are made from the board of directors. I always try to train to the maximum and do it well so that they make the decision to leave me, but in the end they tell me that it is not possible. I was calm, I knew something good was going to happen and thank God Deportivo Cali was interested. They had to make use of the purchase option, but they told me that it was financially difficult for them to do so at that time. They were happy with my performance, but that was the reason”, mentioned the man from Santander.

Regarding his arrival at Deportivo Cali, “I am very happy to be here at Deportivo Cali. I am very excited and excited to be able to start and have a great season this year. I signed for three years, until December 2025. It was a family decision, I also know what this team means, its history, the work and experience of Professor Pinto. But mainly, we were looking for a team that would buy me this year”. He also confessed that there were approaches from capital clubs, but there was no agreement.

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