Darvish DISAPPOINTED with Padres for Ohtani and Yamamoto

Having multiple players from the same country has become a consistent plus among highly valued players when signing a new contract. Friendliness between compatriots, common customs and even language generate greater interest among athletes. An example of this was the Japanese pitcher. Yu Darvishwho expressed his disagreement with San Diego Padres.

In the middle of the low season, which differs from previous ones due to lower costs for San Diego, Yu Darvish He was not happy in this situation.

“When I extended my contract, I contacted GM Preller to see if my contract would interfere with the acquisition of Ohtani or Yamamoto. “I am disappointed that the Padres did nothing to acquire these two players and they went to the Dodgers.”said Darvish To StandFM.comhalf Japanese.

Yu Darvish also talked about Matsui and Sasaki.

“I will do everything I can with Matsui. If Sasaki had gone to the Dodgers, he would have thrown the ball in tears. It’s time for everyone to become Padres fans.”he sentenced Darvish regarding Japanese fans and the uncertainty surrounding Rocky Sasaki.

Statements Darvish They did not provoke any response or response. However, he came across a wound San Diegowho recently switched to Juan Soto And Trent Grisham To Yankees. Bye Blake Snell continue to be Free agent.

What do you think of Yu Darvish’s reaction?

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