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HeyBai Llanos is a world star. For a period of time, everything the Bilbao-based content creator touches turns to gold. And “Evening” is the story of how a friend’s match with another streamer became the biggest event on Twitch.

This happened every year. In the first edition in a warehouse in Barcelona.More than a million spectators watched the fights. The second, in the Olympic Pavilion of Badalona.filled the stadium and attracted more than three million people. Third, in Civitas Metropolitano.filled the field again and broke his own record with over three and a half million.

With this in mind, we know which way “Evening of the Year 4” is going. The stage is the biggest in our country, and it is special for Ibai. La Velada will arrive at the renovated Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Real Madrid’s home stadium will host the biggest event on the Internet.

Ibay brings La Velada to the Santiago Bernabeu

Ibai has been asked many times if he would like to host an event at the stadium of his heart club. A streamer aware that he’s moving, and the hype he can cause if he says he’s going to do it, He always lowered expectations, saying that he would like to, but it is very difficult.

However, he achieved it. This afternoon, Monday, March 4, 2024, Ibai confirmed that the Real Madrid stadium will be the venue for the Fourth Year Evening. The six fights, which will take place on July 13, will take place in the center of Madrid, at the White House.

Thus, the rapid growth in capacity of event venues continues. From the nave of the First Evening, for guests only, he passed into 12,760 from the Olympic Stadium in Badalonaand then more than 68,000 spectators Civitas. Now it will reach 84,744 spectators, which we are sure will fill the stadium to capacity.

Ibay Llanos evening for fourth graders at the Santiago Bernabeu

Busy schedule at Santiago Bernabeu

Technological advances in Real Madrid’s new stadium have led to the white club constantly using it, and not just for football. The famous retractable grass at the Santiago Bernabeu.allows you to maintain the field in the best conditions and not be damaged by events occurring on it.

This has led to the white club planning a busy 2024 construction schedule for their stadium, which has already been extended until next year. The first will be American star Taylor Swift, who has already confirmed two concerts at the stadium on May 29 and 30 as part of her tour. Tour “Eras”. It was originally planned to have only one show, but the incredible speed of ticket sales led to the number of shows being expanded to two.

Later, other great artists will appear on the Real Madrid field. Dookieone of the most prominent Argentine artists, He already has a concert confirmed for June 8 next year. Manuel Carrasco I’ll bring your tour Heart and arrow June 29, Karol J. also put my name on the agenda for the next July 20 with my Tomorrow will be a good excursion. To complete 2024, December 28 Aitana will make the white stadium vibrate, and Lola Indigo joined the list by announcing a concert in 2025.

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