Day 15 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: Russian convoy off Kiev appears to have dispersed

Satellite photos show that a huge Russian convoy that had been stalled outside the Ukrainian capital since last week appears to have dispersed.

Satellite images provided by Maxar Technologies showed the 40-mile-long line of vehicles, tanks and artillery is gone and has been relocated. Armored units have been seen in towns near Antonov airport, north of the city. Some of the vehicles have moved into forests, Maxar reported.

The caravan was stationed outside the city last week, but its progress apparently stalled amid reports of food and fuel shortages.

Key points of the conflict today, Thursday:

– An attack on a maternity hospital in Mariupol killed three people, including a girlthe city council said Thursday. Wednesday’s attack injured 17 people, including women waiting to give birth and doctors and children buried under the rubble.

– Britain’s defense minister says the Russian attack on a hospital in Mariupol is a war crime and warns President Vladimir Putin that the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine could provoke “an international response.”

– The opening of humanitarian corridors responds to the agreements reached by Russia and Ukraine in the third round of negotiations that began in Belarus after the Russian Army invaded the Ukrainians on February 24.

With information from AP and EFE.

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