Deep Sea Vision’s new theory about Amelia Earhart’s missing plane in the Pacific Ocean

Nearly nine decades after its mysterious disappearance, an expedition from the Deep Sea Vision company has found pioneer Amelia Earhart’s plane in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

The disappearance of the historic aviator occurred on July 2, 1937, when she was flying with her partner Fred Noonan to Howland Island, about 3,100 kilometers from Honolulu (Hawaii). At some time during the flight, His Lockheed Model 10-E Electra aircraft ran out of fuel. And Earhart and Noonan were never heard from again.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the then President of the United States, Ordered a search by sea and air near the area where trace of the aircraft was lost, Unfortunately, the rescue was unsuccessful and he was declared dead on January 5, 1939.

Amelia Earhart’s final journey

In his second attempt to circumnavigate the globe at the equator, he had more than 35,000 kilometers of track behind him. The first attempt had been made just a few months earlier and resulted in an accident at Pearl Harbor. Earhart and Noonan, on this second occasion, They left from Miami and traveled through Latin America, India and Southeast Asia to the city of Lae (Papua New Guinea).,

This was the last place Earhart and Noonan were seen alive. They had only 11,000 kilometers left to travel and had very little gasoline in the equipment., Although they had several communications with the Coast Guard ship Itasca, the plane was never located. This was their last communication: “KHAQQ is calling Itasca. We should be on top but we don’t see them. Running out of fuel…,

From that moment the myth came. The search and theories about his disappearance continued., In 1940, some Skeletal remains at Nikumaroro, an atoll near the tragedy site, although there were no conclusive results. In 1988, the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) They searched Nikumaroro which also proved fruitless.,

More recently, in 2017, A photo of a pier at Jaluit Atoll appeared in a History Channel documentary, in the Marshall Islands, taken three months after the incident. This theory believed that the image showed two people whose physical characteristics were similar to those of Earhart and Noonan. But this was also not decisive.

Deep Sea Vision Theory About Amelia Earhart

Deep Sea Vision, a company specializing in ocean exploration, This January 27, a promising message was published about a mission conducted by the company The incident has been going on in the area since September and now seems to be showing its results. With sonar he mapped the ocean floor using sound waves, and He discovered what size a small plane could be, always according to their statements. The discovery took place at a depth of approximately 5,000 metres.

This is the explanation of the report from the company led by former US Air Force officer Tony Romero: “Deep Sea Vision scanned more than 5,200 square miles of the ocean floor with a crew of 16 and the most advanced Kongsberg Discovery Hugin 6000.” Unmanned underwater drone, what to look for before This could be the great American aviator’s Lockheed 10-E Electra,

Earhart and Noonan’s possible miscalculation may be explained by the International Date Line, as explained by Deep Sea Vision. This theory, developed in 2010 by former NASA employee and amateur pilot Liz Smith, suggests that after a grueling 17-hour flight, Amelia Earhart’s navigator Fred Noonan forgot to reverse the date from July 3 to July 2. The date line is causing a navigation error of 60 miles,” the company states.

some experts They have already shown their inconsistencies with the imagesBecause they believe there is no similarity between the sonar and the silhouette defined in the Lockheed Electra 10-E aircraft.

Amelia Earhart, an aviation pioneer

Born on July 24, 1897 in Atchinson (Kansas), She was one of the great pioneers of aviation. he broke all the records, In 1928 she was the first woman to cross the Atlantic by plane, specifically in a three-engined Fokker F-VII. However, she was considered a passenger by one of the two pilots who were piloting the plane, so she said she felt like a “sack of potatoes”.

In 1932, five years after Charles Lindbergh first achieved it, Earhart flew to Paris from Harbor Grace Airport (Canada), in the Lockheed Vega 5B. after about 15 hours She reached Ireland, becoming the first woman to cross the Atlantic alone, From that moment on, glory would come to him. She was also the first woman to cross the United States from Hawaii to Oakland., And countless records. A life dedicated to aviation for one of those women who will go down in history.

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