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“What is the purpose,” he said. Kenio Gonzalez, put his hand on his head and hugged members of the coaching staff after Spain’s fifth goal. The U-17 women’s team reached the European semi-final against France with a result a desire for revenge after losing 2-3 in last year’s final. In that match, the star who scored a double was Vicky Lopez, a current Barça player. She was also the tournament’s top scorer with five goals. In this semi-final, the whole team showed their worth and finished the match after 15 minutes. A victory that brought double joy, bringing with it a ticket to the World Cup.

Spain started without fear and with a goal between their eyebrows. Three minutes later, Celia Segura scored the first goal of the game against Barça DNA. The Spanish striker gained the support of the French centre-backs and took advantage of a sumptuous pass into space Clara Serrajordi finished the game with four assists. open the scoreboard and score a third of your personal score in the tournament.

Still with the excitement of the first, Ainoa Gomez joined the game with a chip after another Martina Gonzalez pass into the hole that Yilmaz couldn’t stop made it 2-0. About 15 minutes into the game, Spain gave him a penalty. As if that wasn’t enough, it turned out Lua Arufe will score a great goal this time which entered the corner of the French goal, and again unstoppable for the opposing goalkeeper (3-0).

Alba Serrato and her love affair with the goal of becoming Eva Navarro

At the party Alba Serrato, the current winner of the tournament’s Golden Boot, couldn’t miss out. Clara Serrajordi reappeared to intercept the ball at the French backline and knock the ball out of her opponents’ hands. The Barça midfielder crossed to the near post. where the Sevilla striker finished with the first touch and scored the fourth goal for La Rojita. The goal left her alone at the top of the current European Championship’s top scorers table, but she wasn’t satisfied with that.

France saw the light in the 27th minute when they were awarded a penalty, taken by Martina Gonzalez after being overtaken by Tene. Lina Gay was responsible for taking the maximum penalty when Laia Lopez appeared to stop it and keep the ball in her hands.. As if it was a textbook game, Spain took advantage of the quick transition to put their fears behind them and scored their fifth goal in the 28th minute. Clara Serrajordi made another assist during the match, opening the ball to the side Lua Arufe, who was not nervous and crossed the long post from the left flank and scored a goal.

Spain did not allow France to breathe, and in the 31st minute they were once again dealt a blow in the form of a goal. Alba Serrato in alliance with Celia Segura in a two-on-two format against French powerhouses. He was assisted by a Barça striker and scored at the far post with a cross from the right to make it 6–0. This goal helped Sevilla take the lead tie Eva Navarro as the all-time leading scorer for the U-17 team at the European Championships. this category.

The change happened and in France they made their impact by scoring the only goal of the game for the team. and apply some makeup onto the highlighter. Ouazar made a measured cross into the center of the Spanish penalty area, and Abdurakhim, who had been on the field for just over ten minutes, seemed to finish the ball and score the French goal. Thanks to this victory, the U-17 women’s team also received a ticket to the World Championship of the same category, which will be held in the Dominican Republic in October next year.

Technical sheet: Spain 3 – France 0

Spain: Laya Lopez; Martina Gonzalez, Claudia, Amaya Garcia, Agirrezabala (Silvia Cristobal, 71′. Replaced by Folgado in the 81st minute due to injury); Ainoa Gomez (Irune Dorado, 61 minutes), Lorena Kubo, Serrajordi; Celia Segura, Alba Serrato (Natalia Escot, 60 minutes) and Arufe (Lucia Rivas, 60 minutes).

France: Yilmaz; Richelande, Sellene, Jean, Bacoul Juillard (Adedini, 78′); Dufour (Sileimani, 76′), Ouazar, Chabod (Denizot, 46′), Lina Gay, Tene (Ruquet, 46′); Bironien (Abdurahim, 46′).

Goals: 1:0, Celia Segura (3′); 2:0, Ainoa Gomez (6 minutes); 3:0, Lua Arufe (15 minutes); 4:0, Alba Serrato (18 minutes); 5:0, Lua Arufe (28 minutes); 6:0, Alba Serrato (31 minutes); 6-1, Abdurakhim (59 minutes).

Stadium: Klostergardens IP.

judge: Cansu Tryak (Türkiye). Irune Dorado (min.92) and Lucia Rivas (min.92) received yellow cards in Spain; and Ouazarou (min. 90) in France.

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