Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt… These stars who drink nothing (or more) alcohol

Without alcohol, a holiday is a plus, just like that whole saying. Il faut dire que Hollywood world It is synonymous with celebrations in all genres, among galas, sequins, ceremonies and red tapis. If champagne coupes are spreading quickly around the world, it is not necessary that some celebrities refuse to classify them, so they I threw a certain line on alcohol. Actress Blake Lively In this first example, since availability is confirmed in Charm in 2012: “Je ne bois pas et je n’ai never essay aucune drogue. Ce n’est pas comme si j’avais décidé de ce mode de vie et que je me l’imposais. Ce sont juste des chooses qui ne me font veritablement pas send”. From Kote’s son, Daniel Radcliffe – clerklui qui etait au cinéma.“I changed when I was young. I have already chosen this man who lived harmfully, who chose the outfit of chaos.”available Telegraph in 2016, about 17 months ago. This is another reason for Jennifer Lopez à arrêter: la beauté. “I convinced me that I love a person”there is an explanation in the magazine To taste, tastefully, stylish in 2003, avant de poursuivre: “Obviously, lors d’un toast en soirée, tout le monde me dit: ‘Tu ne peux pas trinquer avec de l’eau.’ “Alors je porte un tost avec de l’alcool et je trempe juste mes lèvres”.

L’alcool comme échappatoire

, Demi Lovato decided to arrest her boyfriend. In January 2019, the singer Avait fièrement célébré turned six (…)

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