Demo version of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: advantages of the game and how to download

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo is now playable on Sony PlayStation consoles, starring either Cloud or Sephiroth, depending on the character chosen during the Nibelheim Incident, with a Juno section available prior to launch.

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo is now available on PS5. Play the events after Final Fantasy VII Remake and Intergrade at PS4PC and Steam Deck to choose from Cloud or Sephirot V Nibelheim.

Square Enix itself has confirmed that the second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy Your free playable demo is now available for all PlayStation 5 users; just add it to the library.

Although your confirmation and details leaked a few hours earlier via PlayStation Networkthat didn’t stop everyone from enjoying her appearance at the game’s State of Play.

Although the leak was true, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo on PlayStation 5 allows users play during the flashback chapter in Nibelheim and control one of the above-mentioned characters.

But that’s not the only news confirmed for this first contact, creative director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that the team will later add a playable part of Juno..

That is, between the demo’s premiere on February 7, 2024 (early morning in Spain) and the game’s launch on February 29, 2024, the demo will be updated with additional content.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo Now Available

This will serve to show players the scale in terms of the freedom of exploration that can be expected from this sequelwhich looks like it will be huge.

The exact size of the contents has not been confirmed, but it may be Square Enix added content to the PS5 demo for the first time since its launch.

Be very careful about what may happen over the next few weeks, as what is currently being played and seen on console may go one step further before the official premiere.

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We said about our impressions after the first 4 hours of play: “(…) the improvement over FFVII Remake is much greater than we expected, as if they didn’t want to save anything for the next game and gave absolutely everything in this part.

We were already looking forward to it, but after this new contact we can’t stop thinking about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.“.

So, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo Now Availablehere are the benefits of the game and how to download it via PS Store on our console.

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