Demonstration by female relatives of Russians mobilizing in Ukraine ends with dozens detained

This Saturday about thirty people took part in a protest in the middle of moscow Relatives demanding to return home following fighting in Ukraine have been detained by police forces. According to various Russian publications, those arrested include journalists, some of whom are from media outlets in Western countries. These include French agency AFP, American agency AP and German magazine Spiegel. After a few hours they were all released.

The concentration took place after noon next to the Kremlin, a few meters away red SquareAnd this includes laying flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Alexander Garden, to pay tribute to Russian soldiers killed during the current offensive in Ukraine.

The event, marking 500 days since the start of the mobilization announced by President Vladimir Putin, has been organized by the so-called ‘Road Home’ movement and, according to the Telegram channel Sota, managed to gather about 200 protesters on the occasion. “The special military operation – as Russian officials call the invasion of Ukraine – is a huge tragedy between two brotherly peoples,” said movement activist Maria Andreyeva.

He reported that many of the women mobilized had signed an appeal to the authorities “demanding an early end to the special military operation, where innocent people, women, children and the elderly are dying.” According to Andreyeva, quoted by Sota and other Telegram channels, “The wives of the mobilized have begun to receive threats, but the fight will continue, this laying of flowers is already the ninth action of this type.”

“eternal Flame”

Every Saturday, these women approach the “Eternal Flame” at the monuments dedicated to soldiers who died during World War II in their respective cities and also lay flowers in memory of those who lost their lives in Ukraine. However, all requests to organize demonstrations have been rejected.

About 300,000 men They were recruited after Putin ordered the so-called “partial mobilization of reservists” on September 21, 2022. Until the war ends, these people will not be demobilized and will not be able to return to their homes, which is what the women of the “Way Home” movement are demanding.


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