Despite being a new “AAAA” game from Ubisoft, Skull & Bones doesn’t reach a million players in its first week. Not counting those using the free trial – Skull & Bones

Ubisoft currently has 850,000 registered users, including those who bought the game and those who took advantage of the 8-hour demo.

Many saw the shipwreck coming. After many delays and problems in development, the community began to see Skull and Bones like a project that never came to fruition. However, Ubisoft described this hacking experience as “Four A” that can be sold at full price even if it is focused on game as a service. The result is currently not at the level we would expect from “AAAA”: in the first week a game from a French developer hasn’t reached a million players. Not even counting those who use it. recent free trial.

This is how he promotes it Insider Games after speaking with sources working on the Ubisoft project. According to them, Skull & Bones has accumulated about Total 850,000 players; This figure takes into account both the game’s sales and the fact that thousands of users are sailing its seas with an 8-hour demo. However, it should be noted that the free trial has just begun. Thus, the pirate adventure can bring better results in the next few days.

Because according to information leaked to Insider Gaming, users usually invest on average three to four hours a day in Skull & Bones; a considerable number. To know the actual commercial performance of the game, we will, of course, have to wait until Ubisoft publishes financial results for the current quarter. But the company’s developers aren’t sure the name will come as a surprise: “I think we all know it’s At best it’s a $30-$40 game.but it’s not in our power to determine these things,” one of Insider Gaming’s sources comments.

Skull & Bones’s commercial journey in the UK gets off to a rocky start.

In fact, Ubisoft’s game didn’t get off to a good start in British seas. Because according to sales recorded in its first days on the market, Skull & Bones less than a quarter of Sea of ​​Thieves sold at its premiere. In short, it turns one of last week’s big releases into a minor disaster that Ubisoft is committed to improving at all costs.

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