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Colon and rectal cancer is a type of tumor thatIt appears in the large intestine. It is the third most common cancer in men after prostate and lung cancer and the second most common in women after breast cancer. Like many other pathologies, it is important to detect it in time in order to be able to eliminate it as soon as possible and prevent its spread. This type of cancer occurs when the cells lining the colon fail to grow.

Last November there was some really encouraging news about this disease. Researchers from the Institute of Biomedical Research (IRB) of Barcelona have identified the cells responsible for the recurrence of colon cancer and recurrence of cancer in other organs after removal of the primary tumor. The discovery was published in the journal Nature and demonstrates that early immunotherapy, before surgery, can destroy these cells before they begin to metastasize, and thus prevent relapses of the disease.

According to the researchers, led by Ciber – Network Center for Biomedical Cancer Research (Ciberonc) group leader Edouard Batlle, This work paves the way for the development of new therapeutic approaches and diagnostic tools to slow disease progression. and improve the prognosis of colon cancer, the third most common disease with nearly 2 million new cases worldwide each year. A very important step, since in 20–35% of cases the cancer reappears in other organs in the form of metastases.

Three symptoms to detect colon cancer

Despite great advances, it is important to have a clear understanding of the possible symptoms so that if you suffer from it, you can detect it as soon as possible. There are three main symptoms that can help detect this cancer. The main thing is look at our feces, more precisely, if we find blood in them or if they have a peculiar color, darker than usual or a little bright. Additionally, if they become very hard, this could also be a warning.

On the other side, our belly An indicator can be if we feel pain or swelling in the lower part after eating. On the other side, sudden weight loss, Along with excessive fatigue and unusual dizziness, they will be the third symptom that should alert you.

It is true that if you notice any symptoms from time to time, there is nothing to worry about. Usually, The alarm should come when they last longer, after about three weeks. However, in any of the above situations, it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor for examination and to rule out any pathology.

Herrera highlights the shortage of doctors in Spain

Following the discovery made by the Barcelona Institute of Biomedical Research and the political attack on Isabel Díaz Ayuso following the strikes called in primary health care centers due to a shortage of doctors a few months ago, Carlos Herrera focused on Spanish healthcare and the shortage of doctors there. .

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