Díaz-Canel guataquea banana plantations, the official press takes photos of him and Cubans watch a lot of theater

Miguel Diaz-Canel left for volunteer work this Sunday with a hundred young communists to carry out work in agriculture on the eve of the first anniversary of the 11J protests and the official press has made sure that photos of the ruler guataqueando banana plantations are not lacking.

According to the page of the Presidency in Cuba, Granmathe Cuban News Agency and the rest of the media under the control of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), the voluntary work was carried out at the April 16 Agricultural Farm located in Bauta, Artemisa, where products such as sweet potatoes, cassava, guava are grown. and taro.

Also participating were Roberto Morales Ojeda, member of the Political Bureau and Secretary of Organization of the Central Committee of the PCC; Aylín Álvarez García, first secretary of the National Committee of the UJC; Karla Santana, president of the University Student Federation (FEU) and Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, secretary of the PCC in Havana.

In the circulated photos too Miguel Díaz-Canel’s wife could be seen in moments of rest.

The event was organized by the Union of Young Communists (UJC) as part of activities for July 26, an essential date in the regime’s calendar.

In the note of Granma published on their Facebook profile, the Cubans considered the scenes part of the usual propaganda of the regime.

Jorge Fernández Fuentes wrote: “Now yes, photo, photo and photo” and wondered “President, and the problem of agriculture in Cuba? That someone else solves. Mine is populism and photography!”

What you have to do is go see the problem of institutional corruption and the internal criminal blockade. They are ignoring, deaf ears, the complaints and claims of the people and impunity rampant for their respect,” said Esperanza Carbonell.

“If they are not going to attend to the complaints of the people, it is better that they leave power because we can no longer bear so much shamelessness and torture, hardship, hunger, misery, abuse of power, while the president is playing ball or partying and the country falling apart. Enough of criminal negligence and that no institution works,” he said.

Julia Isabel Mateu said ironically: “How good, how are they going to increase the country’s economy! Now we are going to get ahead. And what are they planting? Ah, it must be chicken, steak and eggs.”

Vladimir Barrios González pointed out: That’s why there is no food in Cuba! And another reader said: “I thought it was for the first anniversary of 9/11.”

Lázaro Yasmel considered it “the same old propaganda” and advised them to “change the script, that doesn’t work anymore”.

“What cynicism and at the same time theater in a single photo, hahaha. Of course, the Abdala Prize is well deserved,” wrote Anays Alvarez Gutiérrez.

L Gustavo Pita Acosta summed up: “Theater, your thing is pure theater.”

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