Did you recognize him? He stole a role from Robin Williams, Jamie Foxx considers him a myth and a clairvoyant had foreseen his future


American actor, director and producer, winner of 3 Golden Globes, including Lifetime Achievement, a Tony Award and 2 Oscars, over the years, has collaborated several times with directors such as Spike Lee, Tony Scott And Antoine Fuqua. Performing in successful films, acclaimed thrillers and films that have had a strong impact on audiences and critics, the actor has often played the role of great characters of the past, an opportunity for which, he said, he has always been very honored. It is about Denzel Washington, known for numerous performances such as those in the movies Malcolm X, Hurricane – The cry of innocence, The taste of victory – United we win, American Gangster, with Philadelphia, Safe House, Red alert, Power attack, The Bone Collector, Training Day, John Q., Phelam 123, up to the most recent Barriers and the second chapter of The Equalizer.

Denzel Washington and some episodes that impacted his childhood

Safe House -
Denzel Washington as former agent Tobin Frost in the movie Safe House.

Graduated in theater and journalism, he became passionate about acting during a school theatrical production, in fact he enrolled and attended the Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. When he was a child, Denzel Washington, during a day like any other, in the company of his mother, met an elderly lady at the barber who asked her mother to write the name of her son on a piece of paper. When little Denzel’s mother asked her what was behind that particular request, the old lady replied that her son would one day become famous and everyone would remember and know his name. The old lady was a well-known local clairvoyant and it can be said that the future she had foreseen for Washington was more than correct.

A lover of Italy where he loves to spend his summer holidays, so much so that he goes there every year, Denzel Washington began acting on the small screen in 1977, arriving in 1981 in his first film debut becoming mainly a film actor. It was in 1987 that Washington’s popularity took a turn, with the film Cry for freedom for which he received an Oscar nomination which he later won in 1990 for the film Glory – Men of glory. Oscar winner also for the role, this time as a protagonist, in Training Day, among his famous interpretations is that of the lawyer Joe Miller in Philadelphia, a role for which he was also slated Robin Williams.


Denzel Washington -

Known for his social commitment, during an interview with People, Denzel Washington recalled and explained that, before the release of The Equalizer 2 a fundraiser was underway for a social organization, the Boys & Girls Club, of which the actor has been a spokesperson for 20 years, the same one that helped him as a child. “It helped me become the man I am todayi, ”he stated. Boys & Girls Clubs of America is a multi-site organization that provides after-school programs and services to more than 4,000 children. “I grew up in Mount Vernon, New York, just north of the Bronx“, He recalled. “Many of my childhood friends grew up unguided and uneducated, some had clashes with the law, had criminal records and ended up in jail. I could have been one of them. But, like many, I was lucky thanks to the Boys & Girls Club and my parents“.

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