Dinenno claims he feels nostalgic about not winning the title with Pumas

The Argentine striker was sold by the Universidad team to the Brazilian Cruzeiro.

Juan Ignacio Dinenno He regretted not becoming a champion cougars. Argentine striker who left the squad last week UNAM To join Brazil’s Cruzeiro, he said he felt nostalgic about not being a champion with the cat club after wearing its colors for four years. On his Instagram account, the striker said goodbye to the club and all Oriazul fans.

“There is no worse nostalgia than longing for something that never happened,” says the great Joaquin, and how right he is, I wanted nothing more than the opportunity to become a champion with cougars“, – said “Commander” on the social network.

“Nobody wants to leave this huge club, but the club comes first. “I leave with the satisfaction that I gave everything, that I always gave priority to the group, that I can’t blame myself for anything, that I don’t have any “what ifs,” he added.

Dinenno He expressed pride in being among the institution’s top ten all-time scorers, a milestone achieved in this tournament when he tied Martin Bravo on the list.

“To be today the 10th historical scorer of this club, and sometimes to wear the captain’s ribbon, are achievements on a personal level, which, although never the goal, today are a source of pride, happiness and will always be in my life,” emphasized South American.

Finally, Dinenno He thanked all the people who helped him develop better as a professional as he took the time to list the people who work at the club.

“Thank you to everyone who is in Cantera every day so that we have all the facilities and amenities, medical staff, props, cooks, they were a very important part of this story, they will always be in my memory. Thanks to the coaching staff who treated me with respect every day and gave me their tools, ideas, experience so that I could become a better professional,” he concluded.

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