Discounts from Cuban banks to promote online shopping and payments in January

The management of People’s Savings Bank (BPA) informed its customers that in JANUARY a 6% bonus will be maintained when paying for goods and services made in Cuban Pesos (CUP) at POS or POS, as well as through online payment. and Transfermovil QR code, as well as Enzona by scanning the QR code.

According to this information disclosed by the networks, the offer applies to any type of premises offering the product (public or private), provided that payment is made through the specified methods.

The Bank of Credit and Commerce (Bandec) also announced their discounts in January, the benefits they offer for electronic payments in Cuban pesos, including a 6% bonus also available on the company’s electronic cards. The offer is valid until January 31 for payments and purchases through Transfermóvil, EnZona and POS (POS) using cards.

Metropolitan Bank has not yet officially announced the extension of the 6% discount on its social networks, but will certainly do so in the next few hours.

At the moment, they only have a schedule of payments to retirees for the whole of 2024. But in December they applied it, also 6% for payments in national currency, so the most logical thing, like other financial entities, is that they extend it.

Discounts on online shopping in Cuba in January.

Exchange offices (Cadecas) in Cuba announced that they will continue to offer discounts on online transactions in national currency, using magnetic cards from Cuban banks such as Bandec and BPA, among others. Here we will explain to you how to do it.

According to Cadeca, “For your information, from January 1st to January 31st there is a 6% bonus for electronic payments. Don’t know how to do this? MOBILE TRANSFER: Choose online payment option using QR code. ENZONA: Select the QR scanning option. POS (POS): using your magnetic card.”

With price inflation in Cuba, these discounts, although minimal, are a relief for purchasing in Cuban pesos.

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