discounts of 22% and 44%, here are the most explosive offers

Unieuro is preparing for the grand finale of Manà manà Black Friday, a promotion launched at the beginning of November, and which during this autumn month has created a succession of offers and opportunities that have allowed many to make real deals.

For the last promotional period the electronics and household appliances chain has decided to propose again the “NO VAT”, that is one 22% discount on a large selection of products and del 44% discount on numerous household appliances. Let’s see in more detail.

Unieuro 2021 Black Friday

The operation of the Black Friday Unieuro it is very simple and the promotion is available both in physical and online stores and provides a discount of at least 22% on products that cost more than 299 Euros. More precisely:

  • in-store 22% discount on Tech products and 44% on large and small appliances, discount directly at the checkout, with a minimum trolley of 299 Euros;
  • online discount starting from 22% on Tech products and 44% on large and small appliances, at no minimum cost.

We will update this page as soon as we have even more precise details.

Using the link below you can also discover all the other products that enjoy the 22% discount (in some cases the percentage goes up a lot), remembering that you only have time until midnight today.

Discover the 22% and 44% discount offers available on

See also the offers Manà Manà Black Friday

Unfortunately, we must pay attention to the products excluded from the Unieuro promotion which this time are numerous, namely:

console games and software games in preorder, Dyson brand products, Apple, iRobot, AEG, Miele, Liebherr, Foppapedretti, the products featured in the flyer “Manà Manà Black Friday, third episode” valid from November 19th to 25th, the products present in the flyer “Manà Manà Black Friday”, valid from 2 to 11 November, and “Manà Manà Black Friday, second episode” valid from 12 to 18 November, with validity extended until 25 November as indicated by specific advertising material displayed on the product , services, telephone top-ups, warranty extensions, books, demo units, gift cards, prepaid cards and subscriptions, orders placed on the wedding lists section of the site and orders placed prior to as of November 25 on the website and on the app, even if collected and paid for at the point of sale.

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