Discover all the famous girlfriends that Chris Evans has had

Chris Evans, known for his role in Captain America, came to the big screen at the age of 19 with The Newcomers, from that film his career has only been on the rise and he has become one of the highest paid stars and Hollywood coveted.

Beyond his film projects, Chris Evans He has a long list of love relationships, none of which made it to the altar despite already being 41 years old. What he has shared romantic moments with women as famous as him. In addition, he has preferred to keep his love life private but it has been inevitable for him to escape from the lens of the paparazzi.

Kate Bosworth was one of the loves of Chris Evans.

In this long list of Chris Evans There is Kate Bosworth whom he met in the early 2000s while filming The Newcomers, although the press was quick to link them, they never confirmed their courtship. Another of the actor’s loves is Jessica Biel with whom they met in 2001 through mutual friends and began dating. They filmed two tapes together: Cellular and London.

The numerous love life of Chris Evans follow with Christina Ricci. The actors made their romance official while walking hand-in-hand at the 2007 Met Gala. The chemistry between them was undeniable, but it didn’t last for long. That same year the actor began an affair with Minka Kelly and although they took some time, the fire returned for 2011, to definitively end the relationship almost a year later.

With Sandra Bullock he had an affair taken gracefully.

With Sandra Bullock Chris Evans He had his biggest crush. In 2014 they were linked and both took it with a great sense of humor. The following year he began dating Lily Collins, whom they dated a couple of times. Over the months the rumors dissolved and they never touched the subject. In 2016, the actor had a one-year romance with Jenny Slate, to give way to Lily James in 2020. These last two years, he had an affair with Selena Gómez, in 2021 and with Alba Baptista and Shakira, in this 2022.

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