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The term refers to the print issue published by all fashion magazines in September, which coincides with the fashion week in new york, milan, paris and londonin which the most relevant designer collections are presented, and which marks the beginning of a new year in the fashion calendar.

Also, September is a long-awaited month for the advertising of fashion brandsthey know that it is one of the highest seasons in fashion, so they allocate large amounts of their annual budget to publicize this number.

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Magazines choose celebrities, models, singers, influential people in the world of fashion for their September covers… In 2009 a documentary was made called September Issuewhich documents the entire process and takes us by the hand of Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, to show us the entire process behind it.

Going from hot to cold weather causes new trends to start to emerge, so magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan or Telva They work to offer the most memorable, extensive and innovative number of the year. From MagasIN we give you a review.

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Harper’s Bazaar

Cover Harper's Bazaar September 2022.

Cover Harper’s Bazaar September 2022.

The magazine dedicates its September issue to a new generation of icons who have made it before their 30th birthday.

On the cover, the actress Esther Exposito, who poses in a feather jacket, tank top and culottes, all by Prada, has been chosen to represent the youthful voice of talent, freshness, commitment and responsibility of Harper’s Bazaar Spain. Among its pages you will find an interview conducted by Leticia Dolera.

The icons are unbeatable to passing fashions, but there are habits and places that have also managed to survive the passage of time. Discover the list of classics that have captivated generation Z this season: analog cameras, trench coats and vinyl sound.

Fashion has had to adapt to the new paradigms of our time, the new language of fashion is diverse, transgressive and committed. Some of this year’s trends are the color fuchsia, the school uniform style, the return of the bomber or the make-up of glittery.


Cover Elle September 2022.

Cover Elle September 2022.

She bets on the “New starts” with its ninth issue of the year, shows us the things that make september worth it: brand new clothes, invest in boots and a bag, for example. In addition, it discovers what is new in exhibitions, films, books… everything you need to know for the rented.

Model, Cato Van Ee and her daughter, Eleanor star on this month’s cover. The mother is wearing a jacket, striped shirt, vinyl bow and Emporio Armani pants, and the little girl appears in her arms wearing Mango Kids pants.

As for the interviews, you will be able to discover the ‘Top’ women of the magazine: Anne Hathaway debuts as a Bvlgari ambassador, Chanel Terrero talks about being the fashionable artist and donatella versace celebrates 25 years holding the reins of her firm as an example of female empowerment.

As expected, fashion accounts for the vast majority of its pages. She tells you essentials fashion of September, what to wear and how to wear this fall, as well as night pieces to wear into daylight. In addition, this month’s edition includes the fashion book of the autumn/winter season 2022-23 with all the trends that you should include in your shopping cart.


Cover Vogue September 2022.

Cover Vogue September 2022.

Vogue opens the season and its most important issue of the year with the

On the cover, the model Penelope Cruz She wears an iridescent tweed jacket, belt, earrings and necklace, all by Chanel, and Bodysuit by Atsuko Kudo. In her interview she presents in the marginsthe social drama film in which he stars.

And if you want to know the trends this season go straight to page 42, sleeping dress to the tailored pants, passing through the tank top or the boots cowboy. In beautyafter a summer marked by naturalness, a high-voltage September arrives with luminous make-up of fantasy shadows and resounding lips.

Heading to that future of the new world of fashion, you can not miss the report on Bottega Veneta and its new creative director, Matthieu Blazythe clear example of how to take advantage of the brilliant past to continue at the top.


Cover Cosmopolitan September 2022.

Cover Cosmopolitan September 2022.

Cosmopolitan writes in terms of trends, that is, in Anglophone terms. Find out inside if they’re going to make you

Camila Hair stars on the cover launching a positive message for mental health care: “If anxiety destabilizes you, go to therapy”. She wears a dress combined with a long cape by Aliétte and a bangle bracelet by Jennifer Fisher.

And this season “More and better” with the looks that will be worn this fall. Make your wardrobe change by signing these microtrends: a checked coat, some ballerinas with socks, a fur bag and, above all, the style university who returns to the shop windows to dress up even if you no longer go to university.

They also highlight such useful reports as “Goodbye to the red numbers” to learn how to take control of your money or “What to study to work in fashion”a guide with options in which to enroll.


Cover Telva September 2022.

Cover Telva September 2022.

Fashion is once again the main objective of the September issue,

Other articles that you can find inside on fashion are the report “Where is haute couture headed?” Y “Fashion in Spain”a whole new generation of designers to discover.

On the front page, Keira Knightley stars in the best style british. The actress wears a red and blue wool tweed suit jacket, and a metal and resin brooch, all by chanell. In her interview, she talks about the “invisible rules” of being a woman and assures that even having a successful career, she suffers from rejection.

Money and love. Highlights the interview with Margarita Delgado, the deputy governor of the Bank of Spain talk with Telva about what the next autumn months will be like, to which she sentences: “We will have to tighten our belts”. Just as you will also be interested in reading about the Silvia Congost’s method To get over a toxic relationship.

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