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Published: January 11, 2024

Carefully review your registered schedule and determine which course from our wide offering best suits your interests and available time this first academic semester.

At University Wellbeing we offer you over 90 options for a variety of sporting, cultural and artistic activities so you can choose the course that suits you best, that suits you best and that best adapts to your schedule.

Remember that these spaces are a wonderful opportunity to enrich your university life and promote well-rounded learning.

This semester some of our courses have changed names, for example: “Art and public space’ that now you find it kind of ‘Art, politics and cartography”, And “Art and sensory experiments” which was renamed ‘3D workshop: mixed media sculptures’. On the other hand, we have opened a new space called ‘Development through creativity”in which we integrate the expressive arts into personal development processes.

Official registration will be on January 17th in the area of ​​building F and on January 18th in the area of ​​building H from 12:00 to 14:00. If you cannot attend in person, we will publish the corresponding registration link in our stories on our Instagram account @uebienestar.

Please remember that class spaces are limited and once space is filled the course will not appear on the list.

Before enrolling, we recommend that you ensure that the course you select does not overlap with any classes. The idea is that the maximum you sign up for two activity.

Classes start on January 22!

Check the course schedule, timetables and quotas of our offer by clicking Here

In addition, on both days you will be able to learn about all the services that Tu Bienestar offers for you, such as medical care (Mediexpress), school accident policy, ambulance service, Tu Ruta service, Daviplata and found objects. .

Don’t forget that all our classes accumulate University Wellbeing Hours.

Live U, live your well-being!

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