Disease X: what is a new pandemic

disease was announced World Health Organization (WHO) as a risk that must be taken into account in future, as it threatens to become the next pandemic it changes the whole world because it is even more deadly than Covid-19.

However, due to communication and interpretation error, many people believe that this disease This is something that already exists among us or may exist in the medium term, when in fact it is more of a hypothetical concept intended to warn about pathogen that we still don’t know.

So what is disease X?

colorful viruses

This is a future contingency plan.

Plamen Zahariev

World Health Organization (WHO) refers to disease as a way of conceptualizing any possible disease it will appear in the future with certain characteristics to spread throughout the world, as was the case with covid-19, but with even more deadly and dangerous characteristics. Interestingly, this term was coined in 2017, long before pandemic for him virus SARS-CoV-2.

However, this concept is used hypothetically, since it is not yet known what it will be like. virus what threatens to create pandemic more intense than what we are already experiencing, but this does not mean we should let our guard down. Idea World Health Organization conceptualize diseaseeven if we do not know its details and its existence has not yet been proven, we need to prepare for when it arrives and start now to study defense mechanisms in the face of its presence, since it seems something inevitable and according to this institution, science and medicine must prepare for the unknown.

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