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Discover the American actress who inspired the character of Jasmine at Disney.

Save the actress who inspired the character Jasmine in Aladdin? The cartoon is loosely based on the comedian’s appearance in Agrabah: Jennifer Connelly!

While the film is in pre-production, the actress is working with Disney on the feature film The Adventures of the Rocket Man, where she is providing premiere female roles for Billy Campbell, Alan Arkin and Timothy Dalton. Shout out to her, The Rocketeer created a disastrous ass for Disney, not the Connelly pendant that has been around for a few years now.

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Jennifer Connelly in 2000

He resumes with Rebel Years in a Dark City, which culminates with the Oscar de la Meilleur actress in her second role in An Exceptional Man (2001).

Jennifer Connelly, more pas que!

Toujours est-il qu’au moment de la production of Aladdin, animator Mark Henn inspired Connelly, a note on these sources, for Jasmine, and other facial features of her sister Beth Henn-Allen, tandis que mannequin Robin Ritchie pre-register copies for ease animations.

Pictures of Walt Disney


This is the actress Linda Larkin (in the image of “The Honeymooners” (or presque)) qui lui prête sa voix definitive in the film and Lea Salonga assuring the singers at the parties (elle fera de même sur Mulan).

Jasmine does not like the chansonette that fills the chanson, but more than the name: Rien moins que Ce reve bleuclassics are part of Disney songs.

Pictures of Walt Disney

For a little story, Aladdin’s outfit was originally when Jasmine became a “children’s child”, a unique personality that interested the prince’s husband and all the rich. Elle aurait bien évidemment change au contact du mendiant d’Agrabah. A chanson is available that can be written for the occasion, Call me princessbut it never dissipates.

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