Disney vacancies for Colombians in the United States

Several Colombians seek employment alternatives and come on USA as an attractive country to work. Whereby, Disney launched several offers so that you can live a unique experience.

Here we tell you from when you can apply, the requirements and the vacancies that exist.

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From the September 9 to June 3, 2023, Disney will be looking for Colombians who want to be part of their work group. Hours will be from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

What is the salary at Disney?

will pay $15 per hour, that is, $66,205. That means that in the month you pHe could win close to $13 million and even more.

What are the vacancies?

attractions inspector
-Monorail host
horse walker
– Train Mechanic
– Refrigeration mechanic
wardrobe assistant
– Housekeeping
– Inspector of control of mechanical quality

How to apply for vacancies?

What you must do is enter this link and select the job that most suits your personality. In addition, being able to do the tasks described there.

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Gives ‘apply now’ and then they will request your data to add them to the platform.

If you are selected, you will have a virtual interview. Of course, it is key that you master English to work at Disneyland.

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