distributes €2.467 million to teams in the next Champions League

ORThe EFA has approved a detailed revenue distribution system for UEFA men’s club competitions for the 2024/27 season. planned threshold €4.4 billion: 10% (€440 million) allocated to solidarity, 7% (€308 million) to non-participating clubs and 3% (€132 million) clubs in the qualifying rounds.

Except, €25 million is reserved for the UEFA Women’s Champions League and the UEFA Youth League..The net amount (after deducting expenses, solidarity payments and payments for other competitions) is distributed between the participating clubs (93.5%) and UEFA (6.5%).

The distribution of the Champions League for the 2023/24 season reaches 2.022 million, of which 25 percent went to what clubs receive for reaching the group stage. A 30 percent comes from fixed fees for services, another 30 percent from classification and profitability ratios over the last ten years, and the remaining 15 percent from the market pool. In the new Champions League, the figure reaches 2.467 million euros, that is, 445 million more, which is motivated by the large number of matches and coincides with the emergence of Club Super League hosted by Madrid and Barcelona.

Distribution by competition

Of the total amount available for distribution to participating clubs (€3.317 million), €2,467 million (74.38%) will be sent to clubs participating in the tournament. UEFA Champions League (and UEFA Super Cup), €565 million (17.02%) will be sent to clubs participating in UEFA Europa League and €285 million (8.60%) to UEFA Conference League clubs.

The ratio between the three competitions remained at the same level as in the current cycle. 2021/24.The above amounts will be distributed between sporting merits and team value. Although the percentage reserved for equal parts (27.5%) and productivity (37.5%) (+2.5% and +7.5% respectively), the value component will consist of 35%, that is, 10% less than the total market shares, that is, the pool and the coefficient in the current cycle. Detailed explanations and amounts of equal shares and execution commissions will be communicated by circular letter. In the coming days.

He UEFA Executive Committee met in Paris and approved UEFA’s Together for Success strategy for the period 2024–2030. The strategy provides a clear direction and roadmap to guide both UEFA as well as the European football community as a whole and strives to enhance the place of football in all communities in Europe, maintaining the integral link between grassroots football and elite competitions. It is based on 7 key values: Respect, Equality, Fairness, Openness, Unity, Honesty and Excellence.

They keep rewarding victories

In the new Champions League, despite the change in format, the principle of awarding wins and draws, as well as progression through rounds, remains the same. Participate in The new virtual league is valued at €18.6 million. The winners will be awarded 2.1 million euros.and a draw would cost €700,000.

stay between the top eight classified would mean adding 2.1 million and between the ninth and sixteenth there is another million. Fifteen million is the price of reaching the semi-finals, 18.5 finalist status and 25 will raise the title. According to the rating in recent years, each team will be able to receive Maximum 10 million euros and minimum 250,000 Euro.

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