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Tired, swollen legs with varicose veins are not a minor problem, because if they are combined with other health factors, they can favor the formation of thrombi that pose a risk.

There are those who resign themselves to bear them, because they think that it is a genetic issue and there is nothing to do. But it’s not like that. Although genes play a role, there are ways to prevent, alleviate and reduce them that are effective and do not involve a great deal of effort.

And we are not referring to putting your legs up, something you surely already know and do, but rather remedies that are applied in 10 minutes and that work because they activate venous return.

If you make a habit of these four exercises proposed by the experts and combine them with a gentle self-massage, very easy to perform, you will notice great relief for hours, as published by Saber Vivir.

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Exercises and massages for tired legs

1. Make turns with your foot

Your venous system is a huge engineering device that sometimes needs “helps”. Photo: iStock

Sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair. Extend your leg and do twists on one foot. First turn it to the right and then to the left, drawing half a circle. Repeat the same exercise 10 times with each foot.

2. Stretch the instep well

Although genes play a role, there are ways to prevent, alleviate and reduce them that are effective and do not involve a great deal of effort. Photo: iStock

Extend one leg and stretch the foot well as you see in the photo. Hold this pose for five seconds. Next, “point” your foot to the sky for five more seconds, and finally, point it towards your chest for another 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times with each foot.

3. Refresh your feet

In your legs there are three gates or “pumps” in specific areas that are responsible for facilitating the return of blood to the heart. Photo: iStock

Place a towel on the floor and roll the sole of your foot on a bottle of frozen water. This simple exercise gives you the same feeling as applying a cold effect leg cream. You will see how it provides immediate relief.

4. Exercise with a roller

It will help activate circulation in the area of ​​the calves and thigh. Photo: iStock

Place a foam roller (or two rolled up towels) behind your knees and roll it by moving your hips. This will massage the so-called popliteal fossa, a cleft behind the knees through which many blood vessels pass. It will help you activate the circulation in the calf and thigh area.

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A very effective massage for tired legs

  • Impregnate your hands with a vegetable oil for massage. Surround the ankle of the leg to be massaged with both hands and make long strokes up to the knee, as if squeezing a tube of toothpaste, firmly, but without pressing too hard.
  • Make 10 passes and then make 10 more, but from the ankle to the middle of the thigh.
  • Then, go up the leg, always from the ankle up, making circular movements with the knuckles.
  • Finally, massage with the palms of your hands, making upward passes in an S shape. This movement is ideal if there are varicose veins, since it allows you to “dodge” them.


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