Do you have the same ‘defective’ gene as Angelina Jolie? This news is for you

NoNine years after American actress Angelina Jolie announced to the world that she had both breasts removed after discovering she had a four in five chance of getting breast cancer, there is new hope for women with the same ‘defective’ gene. ‘ BRCA1. A study, published in the medical journal Genome Medicine, reveals that there is a drug that can decrease breast tumor risk and keep progesterone levels lower.

According to the document, mifepristone helps to decrease cell turnover that puts these women at risk of contracting triple negative breast cancer and, as such, may delay or even avoid the need for a mastectomy. Used for medical abortions, the drug stops the effects of the hormone progesterone.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers used the WID-Breast29 test on samples taken from women with and without the BRCA1 gene alteration, who were taking low-dose mifepristone. All women without the gene had lower levels of progesterone. The same effect was seen in about three-quarters of women with changes in that gene.

National Health Service (NHS) data show that women with the ‘defective’ BRCA1 gene have a lifetime risk of breast cancer between 65 and 79%. The risk of ovarian cancer is 36 to 53% before age 80.

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