Do you have this current account? There comes a bad sting (unfortunately)

Some banks, also due to the directives of the European Central Bank, have decided to apply specific fees. That’s who it’s about


If you are a client of these banking institutions, be careful how much money you leave in your account without using it, because you risk having to pay a very high commission.

The European Central Bank, in fact, applies to all banking institutions a commission equal to 0.5% of the liquidity that is deposited in the accounts. Consequently, if the account holder deposits money but then does not use it, that money can make the bank pay a very high commission without there being a return in terms of services paid and purchased by the account holder. For this reason, there are some institutions that are taking different measures to limit expenses related to the commissions for the Central Bank.

Bank account, you risk up to 4 thousand euros in commissions


Pay close attention to the money if you have a bill open that you only use to deposit money in a branch of the following banks: Banca Fineco, Banca N26, Unicredit, Deutsche Bank, Banco BPM, BNL.

In fact, these institutes are undertaking specific policies for discourage the use of the classic bank account as if it were a deposit account. The first to move was Fineco Bank which now applies a commission on those who have stocks in the account. In fact, if you have an account with Banca Fineco and deposit without using any service, figures equal to or greater than 100 thousand euros your account may even be closed.

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For those who have BNL arise 1000 euros per quarter if you have more than one million euros in stock, stop on the account. The systems adopted for example by Banco BPM which instead tries to convince its account holders to activate services from investment and saving rather than leaving the money in the account. Also Deutsche Bank pushes customers who have an important stock to use tools such as certificates of deposit.

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Unicredit in addition to inviting to use monetary funds increases Even the commissions and the costs of managing accounts in the event of significant stocks. Bank N26 instead, it applies a commission of 0.5% to those with a stock exceeding 50 thousand euros.

So, if you want to avoid additional costs on the part of your banking institution and make money otherwise still in the bank, you can also think independently and talk to a consultant to open a deposit account or make some investments.

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