Do you know which member of the band is Bella Poarch’s ‘crush’?

Apparently it is already known which member of BTS is the ‘crush’ of Bella Poarch according to a publication made by the singer, on her Twitter account.

Who is your BTS crush?

Bella Poarch would have sent a clue, who would be her favorite singer in the band. | Fountain: Diffusion

Notably Bella Poarch She is an influencer and singer, who won a record for having the most ‘liked’ video on the Tik Tok platform. However, the young woman caused controversy in 2021, when she revealed that she was interested in a BTS member.

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Which BTS member is of interest to Bella Poarch?

Despite Bella Poarch He has not mentioned the name directly, the clue he left on his Twitter account exactly on August 23, 2021 showed which BTS singer would be his ‘crush’.

It should be noted that, on some occasions, Bella Poarch He expressed his interest in a BTS singer, although he did not reveal who exactly it was. However, when the band’s followers heard the news, they began to investigate the profiles of the influencer and South Korean artists.

Initially it was believed that Jungkook, singer of BTS, was the ‘crush’. However, on the track that he climbed Bella Poarch in 2021 he mentioned exactly the following: “Starts with an R…. Ends with an M🤫” (Starts with R… and ends with M)”.

Could it be the member? rap monster or better known as RM and who is a BTS rapper? Well, apparently this singer would be the ‘crush’ of Bella Poarch.

On the other hand, these rumors gained more strength when Bella Poarch She was once again linked with said BTS member, for an alleged photograph of both on the beach. Although shortly after it was clarified that it was only a montage.

Who exactly is Bella Poarch and what is her relationship with BTS?

Bella Poarch She is a young tiktoker of Filipino origin, but she was born in the United States and was in the US Navy for a few years. Her influencer became known on the TikTok platform a few years ago, due to her particular face and charisma, which made her very popular on the platform.

Likewise, the young woman has shown on several occasions her taste for anime, video games and BTS. In different videos or publications of Bella Poarch In his social networks, he has always shown his admiration for the K-pop group.

Despite the criticism received, it seems that Bella Poarch he doesn’t care if the fans of bts they throw ‘hate’ at him, since he continues to be happy with the content he uploads on his social networks.

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