Do you like “Jeu de la Dame”? Netflix is ​​not watching any of the creator’s series with Anya Taylor-Joy – News Series

Scott Frank, the creator of Anya Taylor-Joy’s follow-up to The Woman, reports that Netflix has rejected a new project with the actress, as well as two other proposals.

Bien qu’il ne soit paussi connu que some authors, screenwriter and producer Scott Frank are the most respected screenwriters in Hollywood. Il n’y a qu’à lire le très joli Portrait Paru dans les Pages du New Yorkeror filmmakers such as Steven Soderbergh or Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton, Andor), son elloge, pour s’en rendre compte.

As Tony Gilroy, Scott Frank is one of Hollywood’s most prolific actors. They also have talent working on films like Snack, Minority Report, Logan… but also in a “review and no hardware” kind of way. to save GI Ryan or to promote other genres of Zack Snyder’s Army of Death.

Despite this, he met with a large number of visitors in front of the ombre toilet and intelligence. Everything changed with the success of two series: “Godless”, a Western portrait of Jack O’Connell and Michelle Dockery, etc., bien sûr, “The Lady’s Game with Anya Taylor-Joy”.

Having a calling card that is a deconcertant to understand that after these wonderful successes, Netflix has abandoned three new projects. The moment in between is a project that celebrates a retrospective with Anya Taylor-Joy. New Yorker Voice:

“L’un d’eux était une adaptation de Rire dans la nuit OU A dark room, a novel by Vladimir Nabokov. Frank co-performed the scene with the romantic and on-stage Megan Abbott. The material is broken; A novel written as a precursor to Lolita, a story about the history of art criticism at the age when I recognized the young girl who passed in September. Frank entered the world of noir, and Abbott, who was university before the folk literature tour, is an authority on women in noir.

“Nous avons parlé de la femme fatale comme d’un personnage qui n’est pas mis en valeur,” Abbott replied. “Mais les grands romans noirs sont toujours en train de jouer avec cela. What Scott is saying is that the point of view of femininity is that it is in the vanguard.” If the film goes ahead, Anya Taylor-Joy will play the role of the femme fatale.

The look of Lolita is only available on Netflix. The other two projects were incomprehensible, but most of all they wanted to see Netflix, as well as Australian enthusiasts who, in the era or in anticipation of an experience that the original projects did not receive, like candy.

Scott Frank’s first project is Monsieur Spade with Clive Owen, which will air on AMC in January and on Canal+ this year. On peut d’ailleurs it is required whether there are any projects released by Netflix.

Il ya tout de même une lueur d’espoir: Netflix a donné le feu vert (tout de même!) à un projet qu’il realisera ensuite, Department Q, series based on the Roman politics of Jussi Adler’s Danois – Olsen, do not make additional film adaptations Les Enquêtes du département V.

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